Victoria And David Beckham Slash Staff To Save Money

Victoria and David Beckham have fired 14 of their 50 employees after their accountant warned them by saying “You’re pouring money down the drain.”

It was Victoria that called in a money expert to look over their finances and as a result, cuts were made to their homes in Herfordshire, England and the south of France, where six of the seven gardeners were laid off.

The couple, who have sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 4, have a staff that includes personal assistants, chefs, cleaners, builders, nannies and real estate agents.

A source told The Sun, “There has been a large downsize. David and Victoria are multi-millionaires but that doesn’t mean they have to waste money — and they were haemorrhaging it.”

Shockingly, it was this week that English tabloids revealed that David’s older sister and her three kids are on welfare!

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  • Anonymous

    Wish I could have 50 employees working for me lol must be nice to be that rich….

  • Anonymous

    One would be nice!

  • klutzy_girl

    David and Victoria have that much money, and they can’t even help out his sister when she’s on welfare? That’s something I would be doing!

    • Shirilicious

      According to the original article he did helped her out. Apparently he bought her the house she lives in and he had no clue she was claiming benefits.

    • Janna

      You have no idea how much help they do or don’t give to his sister.

    • Anonymous

      Actually they help their families out a lot. He bought the house his sister had originally lived in, and one for his younger sister. They also paid for victorias sisters wedding. I remember David said once the best part of his job was how he could always take care of his and Victorias families.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, it’s England. The whole damn country is a welfare state…cradle to grave.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice to see money isn’t just something they have a lot of and enjoy throwing away. At lteast some celebs still appreciate the value of money.

  • Unless you know them personally

    I imagine only about .02% of this has any merit. I’m not saving that cutting where one can isn’t prudent or wise. What I’m saying is that one should consider the source when being presented with so called factual information about people you only know via the tabloid press.

  • Alycia

    That sounds smart of them! 50 Empolyees sounds a little crazy!

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