Mel Gibson Wants To Give Ex Only 1 Percent Of His Monthly Living Expenses

Mel Gibson doesn’t have the best public image these days, but it looks like he’ll have lots of money to comfort himself with: the embattled actor has told a judge that he needs a $7.2 million “slush fund” to support his extravagant lifestyle.

RadarOnline is reporting that during a court hearing on Wednesday (August 18) to determine the amount of child support Mel owes to ex-lover Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his 8-month-old daughter Lucia, the actor tried to limit Oksana’s monthly child support payments to $6,000 – which is only 1% of the $600,000 that the star says he spends on himself every 30 days.

Mel argued that his own expenses – which he says only include living costs, not luxury items such as a private jet – were absolute “necessities.”

While the Braveheart star seems to be flush with cash now, he claimed to be broke a few months ago. In one of the infamous rant tapes, Mel yells at Oksana, “I don’t have any f—ing money! I have to support you and everybody else!”

According to reports, Oksana told the judge that she needs more money to pay bodyguards to keep herself and daughter Lucia safe.

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  • Anonymous

    Sounds like plenty to me. I feel for her being abused and threatened by him but that does not mean she should get a huge portion of his net worth. $6,000 a month is alot given that she must get about the same for her son with TImothy Dalton. His a jerk but does that mean he should be taken to the cleaners? I don’t think anyone needs to live on $600,000 a month, however.

  • Cabos

    Well, she has said many times that she’s not a golddigger and doesn’t care about his money, so i’m sure she won’t mind.

    We’ve already seen Mel’s true colors. I wonder if we’ve seen hers too.

  • Anonymous

    He’s a total prick. What the hell does he need to spend so much money on each month? White supremacist membership dues? I hope she gets as much out of him as she can. Not because I like her but because he deserves to be knocked down a few rungs on his high horse.

  • Anonymous


  • Clearly

    Anonymous (Aug 21 at 10:31)

    Do you NOT have MONTHLY BILLS?

    Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones because Mel sure isn’t. He financially supports eight children, a wife, ex-mistress, and a business. He works his ass off and EARNED his $900M. Yet, the 600K isn’t for fun. That isn’t money he throws out the window every month. No. Those are bills. He is paying for Oksana’s 2.4 MILLION dollar home, car, legal fees, insurance, nanny for Lucia, child support, etc. He is also paying for his wife’s legal fees in the divorce. All that along his own legal fees and other hired help. We can’t forget his children, who are mostly adults and doing fine on their own, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t help them financially when they’re in a rut. You may want her to get as much out of him as she can, but she won’t. She’s not entitled to. She was never his wife, as much as she wished. She was only a mistress. He could have given her money and sent her on her way, but he didn’t. He took responsibility and still does. LUCIA is entitled to money. Not Oksana. She needs to get a real job like other single-parents.

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