Dean McDermott’s Breakfast Bunch

Canadian born actor Dean McDermott, who became an official American citizen on Saturday (August 21), took his crew out for a McDonald’s breakfast in Los Angeles, Calif. Sunday morning (August 22).

The group of five – including Stella, 2, Liam, 3, Jack, 11, and a friend – strolled hand in hand as they made their way into the fast food restaurant.

Liam, who has been known for his love of superheroes, made an adorable fashion statement as he sported his Spiderman costume. What a cutie!

Stella and Liam’s mother is Dean’s wife of 2-years, actress Tori Spelling, while Jack’s mother is Mary Jo Eustace, Dean’s first wife.

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Photo credit: JAXN/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    The child not mentioned by name, maybe the little sister of Jack, a baby that was to be adopted by Dean and Mary Jo prior to divorcing, but was adopted by Mary Jo as a single mom.

    • Anonymous

      i think you’re right!

    • Desiree

      Thank you for mentioning this. We definitely considered that it could be Lola, but haven’t been able to confirm it 🙂

      We’ll certainly keep an eye out for other sources!

  • Bonnie

    I’m pretty sure Tori and Dean have been married for 4 years, not 2 since they were married when Liam was born.

  • Lora

    maybe it’s Lola ?

  • Lora

    Lola was born July 2005. Lola’s 5 years old. I’m sure it’s Lola

  • Anonymous

    McDonald’s for breakfast? Nice ***rolling eyes***

  • Tazina

    Since Dean didn’t adopt her as the marriage was pretty much done at that time, it would be interesting to see if it is Lola. After all, probably not a good feeling to see her brother leave on extended vacations to California and she’s left behind. It would be kind and considerate to include her, providing her mom allowed it.

  • The Mc Dermotts

    Mary Jo said that they were separated and that he doesn’t know Lola..he left her before her adoption… So why would he be with her unless it could be
    Meg Ryan’s daughter too…since they all go to the same preschool..

    Mary Jo does not like her ex husband and he does not know her daughter.

  • Anonymous

    I thought they had been married Much longer than two years…..?

  • Anonymous

    That is Lola the adopted girl Dean left when he cheated on Maryjo. Strange to see them together since he gave up every right to her when he left Mary Jo. WTF !!! If I was MaryJo I wouldn’t let Dean even lay his eyes on her…

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