Angelina Jolie & Her Budapest Babes

They’re getting so big!

Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie was seen with her 2-year-old twins – Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline – in Budapest on Saturday (August 21).

Angie and the babes were on a location scout for her upcoming directorial debut on a film about about a Serbian soldier who rapes a Bosnian woman during the war in Yugoslavia in the early ’90s. The 35-year-old mother of six will also take the female lead in the film.

Papa Brad Pitt and their remaining four children – Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4, – were not seen with the lovely trio. The Jolie-Pitts will move to the Hungarian city in November when shooting starts on the film.

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Photo credit: X17


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  1. Kati

    OMG! Knox and Vivienne have grown so much lately! They are such cuties. Hopefully mum Angie and the cuties are now back home in LA with the rest of the family.

  2. Anonymous

    Welcome to Magyarország!!!!!!!!:)

  3. nicoleC

    Vivienne is so pretty,and they grow so much recently !!

  4. SiervaMarìa

    Love Viv’s fat cheeks, earrings and what should obvious to everyone by now, her status as a mama’s girl. Love Knox too and his aeroplane.

  5. Anonymous

    aww I want to see more~ like a close up on Knox 🙂 so adorable and Angelina is gorgeousss.

  6. Anonymous

    Knox totally has Brad’s profile. Even from the side you can tell he’s Brad’s!

  7. Anonymous

    Isee knox more like Brad and vive sooo much like shiloh and mum but my fave baby vive

  8. Sweet

    Soo beautiful baby tiwns and so cute i love him

  9. Trish

    Beautiful babies & pretty mom!!

  10. Anonymous

    Go to x17 online and you can see more photos of these two cuties. There are close ups of both of them.

  11. Peta

    I usually refrain from commenting on celebrity parents’ casual outfits, but that has to be Angelina’s favourite dress. Hey, we all have our one Comfort clothing item. 😀

  12. Anon1

    Who dresses a child in black from head to toe? Angelina has one dress?

  13. Saza

    Viv & Knox are really cute!!!
    I would like to pinch their cheeks.
    The twins tweety are alive 😉

  14. Anonymous

    I dress in black and my son in black to camoflouge all the stains from dealing with an active toddler. I guess I’m a unfit mom.I see the critics haven’t mentioned Viv’s outfit.

  15. Kati

    I really love Viv´s outfit. It´s really girly. Like Angie recently said in Vanity Fair that “Knox and Viv are classical boy and girl. She´s very feminine and he´s really a little dude.”. That is so true. I love that frilly dress Viv is wearing. It suits her very well. And Knox has this very boyish look on his handsome little face. He will be a handsome young man one day. hard to say which one of his parents he´s gonna remind more but the main thing is that he and his siblings will always stay healthy. And that naturally goes for their parents.

  16. Vickie

    Oh my goodness, she is so skinny. Her arms look terrible. I think she needs a break from raising kids for an evening and taken out to a big dinner. I know that everyone wants to be thin but this is too thin.


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  17. Anonymous

    Knox looks more like Angelina

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