Diane Kruger Wants To Have Joshua Jackson’s Baby

German actress Diane Kruger wants to be a mother!

The 34-year-old Inglourious Basterds wants to have children with her partner, Fringe actor Joshua Jackson, and is hoping to raise her family in the city where she feels most at “home”: Paris, France.

“I see myself raising my children in Europe, probably Paris,” says Diane. “Josh loves Paris and he is cool with that, but we will see what happens when we get there – or if we get there.”

The former fashion model, who was married to French actor Guillaume Canet from 2001 to 2006 has become somewhat “disillusioned” about marriage, but says that she is a better person when she makes time to focus on her relationship.

“Because I was married I know that, no matter what paper you sign, if you want to get out, you get out,” she explains. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in commitment. I think commitment is very important, particularly for me. I am a better person when I let myself have time for romance and for love. I think for too many years I actually let that slide.”

Last year, Diane admitted that it was her relationship with the 32-year-old former Dawson’s Creek hunk which got her thinking about having children.

I didn’t think I would but now that I’ve met Josh I know that I’ll have at least one. He has great values and that’s important to me.

Diane and Joshua have been dating since 2006.

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  • Bane

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a special DAWSON’S CREEK DVD package and
    show what Katie Holmes looked like…since that is where the Queen of
    the actresses came from..and Pacey was played by Joshua Jackson.. it is
    fun to see how the cast of that show turned out.. who would of guessed
    that Michelle Williams would have Heath Ledgers baby! Kate would marry
    Tom Cruise…and Josh would date a beautiful woman Diane Kruger..

  • Vanessa22

    Hey they are really nice couple. She looks like a tander flower and he is like a hero)))
    din sko

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