Jennifer Garner Shows Daughters Healthy Habits

Jennifer Garner is showing her daughters how to be healthy by exercising and eating well.

In an interview with iVillage, the actress reveals that she leads by example. After she works out she sits with her girls Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 19 months, to eat breakfast in the morning.

“[They’ll ask] ‘Where were you?’” Garner reveals. “[I tell them] ‘I was just working out, it’s important for me.’”

She also makes sure there’s always fresh produce on the table.

“My big thing with vegetables lately is, ‘How many colors are you going to eat tonight?’” she shares. “Choose your colors.”

So what’s her strategy on getting the girls to actually eat the veggies?

“I put them out when everybody is hungry, while I’m cooking and trying to get dinner on the table [because] I’m the worst at that,” she admits.

The last 10 minutes the kitchen goes to hell in a hand basket, [but] that’s when I try to have broccoli, sugar snap peas, peppers. My girls will eat red and yellow peppers. I’ll put all of that out and see what I can get down them.”

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  • Anonymous

    She’s the kind of celebrity mother I can identify with, trying her best and trying to do what is best for her girls, like most mothers out there. I can’t stand celeb moms (not going to mention any names) that give off this heir of perfection like ‘oh I popped out this baby and everything is perfect and nothing is ever a struggle’ it just isn’t realistic, being a mother is the hardest job in the world, it would be nice if some people would actually acknowledge it. That is why I appreciate Jennifer — she will admit those struggles, and getting your kids to eat vegetables is just the tip of the iceberg. I like the how many colors are you going to eat, I think kids would identify with that. Plus, I think it is much more important to focus on what you can actually get your kids to eat as opposed to what the refuse to eat, like Jen, her kids will eat red and yellow peppers, but she isn’t stressing over the fact that they aren’t eating green or orange peppers.

  • Jens a gem in the kitchen

    Love how old fashioned she is ..she makes her own dinners makes sure
    the kids have a snack of veggies …instead of junk food ..or fast food for
    dinner…Violet loves to help Jen bake too..Knowing what your kids like
    helps a lot and finding out how much the love fresh vegetables..She should
    take them to the mommy and child work out classes…

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