Rick Schroder & His Premiere Pal

Rick Schroder and his handsome 17-year-old son Luke attended the Los Angeles premiere of Going the Distance on Monday (August 23).

The 40-year-old Silver Spoons actor and his wife of 18 years, Andrea Bernard, are also parents to Holden, 18, Cambrie, 13, and Faith, 9.

Luke certainly has movie star good looks! Is he looking to enter the family biz? Rick recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the possibility:

All my kids at different times in their lives so far have shown interest in the entertainment business. Who knows what the future holds, so stayed tuned.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. mslewis

    That is one handsome young man!! And Rick looks more like his best buddy than Daddy. All of his children are movie star pretty/handsome, so I expect one or more will try show business. Hopefully, none of them will end of like some of these young stars.

  2. Anonymous

    For a moment I thought the son is the celeb, he’s so handsome and looks like a star!


    Wow, what a handsome kid! They look like brothers.

  4. Anonymous

    Gorgeous! Looks like the gene pool manifested the way it was supposed to with Rick’s kids. Unlike some celeb kids who have attractive parents but are simply ugly!

  5. Anonymous

    Is he sure that is his son? Maybe they share the same eyes and ears, but that is a stretch. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen the mom, but Luke doesn’t really resemble his father. If I was Ricky, I would be doing some DNA testing…

  6. musiclover@yahoo.com

    Wow! Handsome boy! And I agree, Ricky looks more a like a buddy then his father, lol.

  7. Anonymous

    Damn. Now I feel old. LOL…

  8. Anonymous

    Rick looks about 30 in this picture. Do you think he has found the fountain of youth/?

  9. nosoupforyou

    That boy looks so much like his father!

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