Anne Heche: “I’m Very Lucky”

After a tumultuous period following her very public split from Ellen DeGeneres and her divorce from her husband Coley Laffoon, actress Anne Heche says she’s found happiness in the life she’s built with her fiance James Tupper and sons Homer, 8, and Atlas, 1. The 41-year-old Hung star talks to the Los Angeles Times about the ups and downs of her career and why she now chooses to be “eternally engaged.”

On the impact her book Call Me Crazy: A Memoir had on her career: “I was shut out and shut down. Certainly confusion makes it difficult for people to hire people, which I’ve learned in retrospect. You want to have a clean mystery to embrace the characters that people want you to embrace. And to be so exposed in your personal life makes it very difficult for you to disappear into character.”

On being anti-marriage: “We’re eternally engaged and I say if I make it to 60, we can get married on my 60th birthday. A component of marriage is a business relationship, and I don’t need to function in a business relationship in marriage. I need to be the best girlfriend I can be not only to the man I’m in love with but the father of my second child.”

On her home life now: “Somebody said your home is like a reflection of your life. And this home that we have, if it can reflect what our life is to be open, to be spacious, to be in love, to be in light, to be happy, and I think this reflects who we are. To have our children be a part of our life with us, to be engaged in everything that happens, that’s who we are, and that’s the best place I can imagine being. I’m very lucky to be here.”

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