Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh: Condo Couple

Kelsey Grammer and his pregnant girlfriend Kayte Walsh were all smiles as they shopped for condos in New York City today (August 26).

The 55-year-old Frasier star and his 28-year-old new girlfriend were scoping out a home in the same building that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban live.

The new couple said they are “very happy” to be expecting their first child together. Kelsey and his wife of 12 years, Camille Donatacci, split last month and are parents to Mason, 8, and Jude, almost 6.

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  • Anonymous

    28? Really? I want to see her birth certificate.

  • Anonymous

    Kelsey has no morals, and appears to be a foolish man although he has financial and career success. Just like Mel Gibson. It must be in the drinking water! broke young women…. rich old men.

  • dholmas

    He is an idiot and a douchebag. I hope Camille takes him to the cleaners and clears out his bank accounts.

  • Anonymous

    Is that her father or grandfather?

  • klutzy_girl

    Although it isn’t an excuse, Kelsey had a screwed up life. From Wikipedia:

    Grammer’s family life has been plagued by tragedies. In 1968, when Grammer was thirteen years old, his father, whom he had seen only twice since his parents’ divorce, was shot and killed on the front lawn of his home in the U.S. Virgin Islands.[2] In 1975, his younger sister, Karen, was raped and murdered[5] after being abducted outside a Red Lobster restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where her boyfriend worked.[6] In 1980, his fraternal twin half-brothers were killed in a freak scuba diving accident.[7][8] Grammer has sworn to prevent his sister’s murderer, Freddie Lee Glenn, from being paroled;[9] in July 2009, Glenn was denied parole at least in part due to a letter Grammer submitted to the parole board.[10][11]

    • Janna

      If you’re not making excuses, why bring this up?

      • Moore1

        Because obviously having a hard life influences decisions made as an adult. It’s not a pass or an excuse to act a fool but you can’t act as if past experiences have no place later in life.

  • Anonymous

    He is truly pathetic. Disgusting old pig!

  • Anonymous

    All old men would take a younger woman if they can get one. Look at Larry King… Michael Douglas, who is 25 years older than Catherine Zeta Jones (they got married at about the same age as Kelsey and his girlfriend are now). He’s no more disgusting than all of the other “pigs” that do the same thing. How about Swizz Beatz who has fathered 4 or 5 children with as many women? Puhlease. It never ends.

    • Anonymous1

      “Pigs”? They are adult women, why are the men here pigs? Only because you’ve never fallen in love with an older guy?! If you do and marry a “pig” then tell us. Of course in some cases money is taken into account, but I know “non-celebrity” cases in which it is not the case. As if life and relationships had rules, and your rules were the right ones.
      If I happen to fall in love with an older guy, he won’t be a pig, he’s just be “the” guy.

  • Anon1

    Glad to see him happy and smiling. He seemed miserable with his cold fish ex wife.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t blame Kelsey for leaving Camille! If you’ve watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills you would see she’s not playing with a full deck! What does that woman do but shop, wine and dine and if you’ve noticed her “close” friend of the family seems a little too close. I’ve never kissed and hugged a “close” friend of the family like that! Not to mention that woman is dumber than a box of rocks!

  • Melbelle

    I have never understood why a young woman would want a dried up old man. They are physically unattractive…to the 10th power. I expect she’s planning for her pay day when she finally files for divorce and finds a firm, young hottie to rock her world. I am sure she and Kelsea enjoy great naps together.

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  • willsonn

    I think Kelsey has no morals, and looks a foolish man although he has financial strong.I don’t want to love with an older guy.
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