Guess Who Revealed: Liberty Grace Lawrence!

Whoa! It’s Liberty Grace Lawrence!

Blossom star Joey Lawrence and his gorgeous daughters – Charleston, 4, and Liberty, 5 months – were spotted at The Baby Boom-Boom Room in Century City, Calif. on Saturday (August 28).

It’s so great to see Liberty looking so well! While she was carrying their second daughter, Joey’s wife Chandie was diagnosed with RH disease 6 weeks into the pregnancy. Joey recently spoke of their ordeal: “We had to go to the specialist every 24 hours during the last two or three weeks of the pregnancy. We were so worried. We wanted to get Libby out so bad.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • AnnieMouse

    Wow!! No good guess here, but she sure is gorgeous! Can’t wait to get the answer!!

  • dolly

    Joey Lawrence baby girl Liberty Grace?
    Whoever she is, she is stunning!

  • ivy2

    those huge hair bows are so tacky. it’s as big as her head!

  • Lisa623

    My guess is Liberty Lawrence as well…she’s a cutie!

  • Tazina

    No clue who this adorable baby is. She doesn’t look too enthralled with that thing on her head…LOL

  • mackenzie

    my guess is liberty grace

  • Courtney

    that is Liberty Grace Joey Lawrence’s daughter. she’s a doll

  • Anonymous

    Grace Wahlberg..

  • Anonymous

    it’s Librety grace what is the gorgeous littl pritty babies she’s beautiful baby

  • Anonymous

    Sooo pretty baby girl

  • Anonymous

    If it’s Liberty Grace, that can’t be her mother holding her — doesn’t Joey’s wife have brown hair?

  • Anonymous

    Well, I cheated with Google, and my guess is Liberty Lawrence! But I really wanted to guess Mark Wahlberg’s youngest daughter. 😉

  • Courtney

    It has to be Liberty Grace as it says 5 months in the thing and Mark Whalberg’s youngest is 7 months old as she was born in January

  • Anonymous

    It’s really so unfair when people tell:
    I saw the picture there or there and it is xyz!

    Others also want to guess and if you see the picture somewhere else so please keep quiet!

  • Hannah.J

    Joey Lawrence daughter Liberty Grace

  • Heart

    I don’t know but she stunning i wait answer

  • Anonymous

    its not liberty grace or mark walbergs baby either..

  • Sweet

    I dont know baby beautiful

  • Heart

    yeah It’s liberty grace

  • Anonymous

    Sos baby cute look

  • carolyn

    Gorgeous girls!

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