Milla Jovovich On Baby No. 2: “It’s Gotta Happen Soon”

Actress/model Milla Jovovich and husband Paul W. S. Anderson are parents to adorable 2 1/2-year-old daughter Ever Gabo, and the jet-setting family are hoping to expand their brood – just not quite yet.

In an interview with Gotham Magazine, Jovovich opened up about settling down in the future, and adding to her family.

On taking a break from acting: “Once she starts school, I want to stay in one place and be there to take her to school and just have a normal life. When your kid is in school, it’s hard to just pick her up and travel. So right now I am taking advantage of the time when she is mobile.”

On having a second child: “It’s been tough because this year piled up on me starting last fall, and I thought, Wow, I might not be able to have a baby this year. Right now we are shooting for next year because I don’t want there to be too much of an age difference between the two of them. So it’s gotta happen, and it’s gotta happen soon.”

For the complete interview with Milla, head over to Gotham Magazine…

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