Prince & Paris Jackson’s Difficult Private School Transition

The two eldest children of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Prince, 13, and Paris, 12, are reportedly having a difficult time adjusting to their new private school.

According to PopEater, a source close to the Jackson family has revealed that the children have “full-time bodyguards,” who “accompany the kids from class to class, to their lockers and even watch over them during lunch.”

The large bodyguards are said to be quite “intimidating” for the other students, which makes them “hesitant to approach Prince and Paris.”

The children, including Jacksons’ much more timid 8-year-old son Blanket, had previously been homeschooled, but the older two were sent to The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley to gain “social experience.”

The Jackson children are among a long list of celebrity children to attend The Buckley School, other alumni include Nicole Richie, The Hilton sisters, Alyssa Milano, and Rob Kardashian.

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  1. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that for the safety of other students they let the bodyguards in the school. Why would they need them at school anyway? That’s ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous

    good for them~
    hope they all the best~

  3. Anonymous

    Great and brave decision to go to a public school! Good for them, little angels! And, yes, why not have bodyguards? THEY ARE MICHAEL JACKSON’S CHILDREN. Children’s safety before anything else. I wish them the best!

  4. Anonymous

    “hesitant to approach Paris and Prince”? Normal. But the bodyguards won’t stay forever so close. They might want to get to know the atmosphere, the reaction of other students, etc., and then they will tone it down a little. It is absolutely normal. Let’s not be mean.

  5. Lioness

    I don’t think it’s a mean thing to ask why they need bodyguards following them everywhere they go, it’s a perfectly valid question… yes they’re Michael Jackson’s kids, but it’s not like they’re attending any old public or private school. The Buckley School has a very rich and/or famous student population- Paris and Prince aren’t the only ones who fall into that category. You can have bodyguards stationed at the school, but following them around everywhere they go is a bit excessive. How are they supposed to get the social experience they are there for when you have these huge bodyguards hanging around hindering communication? I hope it’s only temporary and they loosen up a bit- unless they actually need it. But every kid needs to learn how to defend himself at some point….

  6. Anonymous

    Soooooooooooo Sorry but this story is bogus!! According to Taj Jackson, And YES I got it straight form him.. The Body guards DO NOT hang around the school with the kids, and no they do not hang in the lunch room, The kids are doing fine and making lots of new friends and they enjoy school very much!! Maybe all the gossip sites might want to ask directly instead of asking a ” SOURCE”!!

  7. antigoniem

    I’m assuming the “SOURCE” is Jermaine or LaToya. Wouldn’t shock me, they’ve been known to do things like this. Don’t they take Taekwando, I understand they are beginners but i’m pretty sure they could defend themselves against schoolyard bullies (if there are any, but i’m pretty sure everyone will be kissing their ass and wanting to be their friend b/c of who their dad is). I wonder if their cousins (Jermaine’s kids) are attending as well, because his older children just graduated from Buckley?

    Random piece of information: Kim and Kourtney used to date Tito’s sons while they were all at Buckley.

  8. Anonymous

    This is such a lie. I go to the school and they do not have bodyguards following them around.

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