Bristol Palin Set To Dance With The Stars

Bristol Palin is back in the headlines this week, as she is lined up to put on a pair of dancing shoes and take a turn the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

Palin, who recently called off her engagement with Levi Johnston for the second time, insists that she is taking part in the series to set an example for other moms, telling RadarOnline,

I’m not the first mom to participate on Dancing with the Stars…and like those who came before me, I want to set a good example for all of the amazing moms out there. Yes, we can balance work and family, and we can also take on a new and exciting challenge.”

Though she and Johnston recently came to a custody agreement, Palin said that 20-month-old son Tripp will be living with her in Los Angeles during filming.

Is she up for the challenge? Palin shared, “I’m excited! It feels great to step outside of my comfort zone and take on a new challenge. Ultimately, I look forward most to getting in the studio and working hard. I’m in good hands.”

Palin is set to be partnered up with former DWTS winner Mark Ballas.

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  1. Anonymous

    Why can’t she just go away…

  2. Debs

    Sooo, what star is she dancing with?

  3. Beo

    Why oh why didn’t McCain choose some one else as a running mate?! Lets just hope that she’s voted off quickly!

  4. cat

    Good for her… Can’t wait to watch her

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