I’M OK! Mini First Aid Kit: For On-the-Go Injuries

Active kids means lots of little injuries. Scrapes and cuts are a common occurrence when you have school age children who love to climb, explore and run. As parents, we worry, however, when these minor accidents happen when we’re not around or when we’re out and about and don’t want to carry a bulky first aid kit. Worry no more! The I’M OK! pocket kit contains the most essential items you will need to administer first aid for minor cuts and scrapes. You’ll enjoy the convenience of its smart size that easily fits into the pocket of any jacket or pants. I’M OK! pocket kit is great for parents, babysitters, or anyone enjoying the outdoors. Just ask celeb mommies, Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes, who won’t leave home without it.

This new approach to portable first aid contains everything you need to administer on-the-spot wound care for small injuries. The carrying case keeps all contents clean, organized and easy accessible, 8 I’M OK! bandages and 2 non-sting antiseptic swabs to disinfect and cover injuries on the spot and prevent infections, plus an emergency information card, intended to be completed with personal medical and contact information to ensure correct treatment in case of an emergency.

Kids will love the the cheerful graphics and uplifting messages which are so often all they need to put a smile back on their face after a little mishap. The I’M OK! characters of a pirate, a princess, and a bear create a secure and child-friendly atmosphere and show kids that despite an injury and big bandage on your forehead, you can still smile and have fun. Some of our favorite celeb tots sport I’M OK! bandages when they have a little accident. Kingston and Zuma Rossdale like the pirate design, the Jolie-Pitt clan likes pirates, princesses and orange bears, while Honor Marie Warren and Suri Cruise favor princesses and bears.

There’s even an expanded version available, perfect for mini trips or more physical activities. The I’M OK! set includes the patented pocket case, emergency information card, I’M OK! cold pack, 24 I’M OK! bandages and 6 non-sting antiseptic swabs.

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  • carolyn

    Aw, cute idea! Could have used that yesterday when my daughter took a spill!

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