Mason Dash Disick’s First Trip To The Grocery Store

Kourtney Kardashian couldn’t wait to tell her readers about baby Mason’s first trip to the grocery store. On her blog she writes:

This is Mason’s first trip to the grocery store. Yes, I know it has been 8 and a half months and I have not been to the market. It has always seemed like such a hard place to take a baby – the germs, the people, and before he was big enough to sit, pushing the stroller and cart at once… all just a big task.”

The 31-year-old reality star also posts a snapshot of the tot and adds, “We had so much fun and Mason loved it!! Things that would never seem like they would be meaningful or exciting have a whole new meaning when I experience them all over again for the first time with Mason.”

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  • Anonymous

    Oh please, what a spoiled little princess. Millions of women and men managed to grocery shop with one or more children every day.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the first post….it’s ok if kids are exposed to germs once in awhile–build up their immune system. If she’s so worried about germs, she shouldn’t place him next to the groceries where who knows how many people have touched those items…why does this kid look like he’s 30 years old, btw?

    • Annie Bananie

      Definitely product placement.
      But what’s up with all the baby-criticizing? It’s plain cruel, immature and nearly racist actually. Mason is a very cute Armenian-looking baby, although I agree I see nothing of Scott in his features!

  • Adrianna

    Mason is not a cute baby. Kendra baby now that’s one ADORABLE baby.

  • Anonymous

    lol y do so many ppl think mason looks like an old man. that is not nice

  • Anonymous

    That’s a lot of junk food.

  • momofone

    lol…anonymous that exactly what i was thinking!!! that is waaaaayyyyyy too much junk food for a household of 2.5. not a good example for mason.

  • Sarah G.

    Aw! That’s such a cute pic!

    Ooh! Goldfish crackers! I love those. 🙂

  • SarahEL

    I agree on lots of junk food. But, to me it looks way to set up to be shopping…a bit like product placement.

  • Anonymous

    omg seriously’s two packets of crisps? who cares? kourtney is a good mum, she would never give mason any of this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    NOT a cute baby

  • Anonymous

    will you people stop judging. everyone just loves to pounce and attack. no one is very nice or understanding here. the only people who are nice are only nice to jennifer and violet affleck. i mean, there are enough pictures of them.

  • Moore1

    Who pushes a cart and a stroller at the same time? Either put the kid in a seat in the stroller or put it in a carrier so you can get more stuff. Duh. People make things so hard for themselves and then use it as an excuse to not do things. She really shouldn’t talk sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      ha ha ha I couldn’t agree more with you….I was thinking “is she for real?” I’m sure that even in Beverly Hills or Calabasas, moms keep their babies in the carseat and put in on the cart….duh!

  • Jack109

    I personally think Mason is adorable. I do think its a lot of junk food but everyone has their splurge moments. Goldfish do make good snacks for kiddos!

  • Anonymous

    Keep your head up kourtney you Are an amazing mommy! As for everyone else – give her a break! She does have to go to the grocery store so why would she? She takes mason to business meetings and all kinds of places with germs so I’m sure his immunity system is fine lol! As far as pushing the cart and a stroller….I still say give her a break…. She has no experience taking care of an infant!

  • Drury

    I don’t mean to be cruel but Mason is an Ugly baby. He looks like a middle eastern (Armenian) old man. He just is not an attractive child. Image what he will look like when he is a teenager and gone through puberty.

  • Anonymous

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  • Delilah

    You people are seriously going to talk about a babys physical appearance like that?? Gosh you people are disgusting and should NEVER HAVE CHILDREN. The last thing we need in this world are a few more shallow A-holes. Please do the matture people a favor and smack yourself, then smack your parents for having such a nasty little waste of a human being. I pity them for having offspring who are lower than the crap scraped off the bottom of my shoe. WAY TO MAKE YOUR PARENTS PROUD! lol

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you 100 percent about what you said, like for real how could anyone talk about a child regardless of how they look they don’t know what’s going on in the world because they are only little kids. (GOD BLESS YOU)

  • Delilah


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