Kate Gosselin Is Looking For Someone “To Whip My Kids Into Shape”

With eight kids Kate Gosselin‘s got her hands full. And it looks like when it comes to finding help raising twins Mady and Cara, 9, and sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Alexis, 6, the Kate Plus 8 star isn’t looking for someone with a soft touch.

Us reports that at an Emmys after-party in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 29), the reality star told a fellow guest what kind of man she’s looking for: “a tough guy, like a cop, to whip my kids into shape,” Kate, said. “[Someone] who can handle my situation,” she added.

Could Kate be talking about longtime family bodyguard Steve Neild? Although she’s long denied it, the two have been rumored to be having a romantic relationship.

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  1. mslewis

    Her bodyguard is married and Kate has said that he and his wife are her only friends. With all her other problems, and as much as people seem to dislike her, I doubt she wants to break up a marriage.

  2. cece

    Here is an ideal Kate…Why don’t stay home and raise your kids herself for a change. The last thing your kids need is for some fame seeking man to enter their lives. Oops My Bad…. Make that another fame seeking person…I almost forget about you and Jon.

  3. Laura Lansitie

    You’ve quoted something that isn’t true. If you watch the Us video, she never said any such thing, the words “whip my kids into shape” were never uttered! As usual, Us is making up stuff to get hits and now you’re apparently doing the same thing. Shame on you!

  4. Sophia

    She seems to be doing a fine job of whipping her kids “into shape” without the help of a cop-like tough man, or whatever it was she wanted. God, you’d think a single mother of eight want someone who would love and care for her kids, but maybe that’s just me.

  5. Anonymous

    Jumped the shark! Who cares?

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