Christina Aguilera: “Having Max Has Brought Us Closer Together”

Christina Aguilera opens up about her five-year marriage to Jordan Bratman in the October issue of Cosmopolitan UK.

The pop singer admits that marriage takes work stating, “Everyone has rough patches, everybody grows and we all change. It’s important to give each other room to grow and to accept them for who they are.”

To keep things spicy, she leaves little notes for her husband.

“I leave little lipstick marks on the bathroom mirror for when he wakes up, and little notes written in lipstick on the mirror and in the shower,” she says. “Little notes, little cards, little ‘I love yous’ here and there, just to keep things fun and alive.”

Thank goodness for parenthood! Christina adds that being mom to their 2-year-old son Max has helped strengthen their relationship.

Having Max has brought us closer together,” she says. “[Jordan] changed the first nappy while I was in bed recovering from my C-section — and he’s been so hands-on ever since. When I see them together it makes my heart sing and melt at the same time.”

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  1. Anonymous

    can she stop with the ugly lipstick is hard to clean the mirror as it is.

  2. Tazina

    How about a little sibling for Max.

  3. nicoleC

    she is so lucky right now
    have a beautiful family

  4. Anonymous

    This kid is NOT cute at all!

  5. Courtney

    Ouch don’t be so rough on Max innoncent children don’t deserve to be called ugly. just cause some people think one of their parents is unattractive.

  6. AnnieMouse

    Calling other people’s children unattractive is kinda mean, but then again my eyes can’t help what they see. Maybe I’m just mean.

    • Anonymous

      No your eyes can’t help what the see, but there’s a difference between thinking something, and making a comment about it for other people to read. Why do you feel the need to call a child ugly? Is it that hard to just keep your rude thoughts to yourself? What purpose does it serve to make such a comment publicly?

  7. Anonymous

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