John Travolta & Kelly Preston Drop Extortion Charges

After a weekend of fun at the Universal Orlando Resort, John Travolta and Kelly Preston have dropped the charges in their extortion case.

The court case involving two men who were accusing of trying to extort $25 million from the famous couple after the death of their son Jett has come to a dramatic end today, RadarOnline reports.

The defendants have been discharged,” Neil Braithwaite, Chief Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General, announced Monday morning from a courthouse in the Bahamas. “Mr. Travolta is no longer interested in pursuing the matter because it has caused his family great emotional distress.”

The two defendants were charged with trying to extort millions from the Travoltas in return for keeping an ambulance waiver secret on the day Jett died.

“I am grateful and appreciative of the dedication, hard work and support provided by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Royal Bahamas Police Force while handling matters associated with the attempted extortion that targeted my family in January of 2009,” Travolta told TMZ in a statement.

“Throughout the investigation and prosecution, my staff and I remained fully supportive of all requests for assistance from law enforcement representatives even though this cooperation was at a great emotional cost to my family,” he added.

“Unfortunately, in early October of last year the first trial of this matter resulted in a mistrial. Almost a year later, the long pending status of this matter continued to take a heavy emotional toll on my family causing us to conclude that it was finally time to put this matter behind us,” Travolta said. “Therefore, after much reflection I concluded that it was in my family’s best interest for me not to voluntarily return to The Bahamas to testify a second time at trial. We are thankful to the people of The Bahamas for the friendship, love and support they provided to us during this matter.”

Preston, 47, and Travolta, 56, are expecting another boy later this year. Their new addition will join 10-year-old sister Ella.

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  • Gigi

    What? Why now? After they already went through the drama of testifying, they’re going to let these losers off the hook? There has to be more to the story because why else put your family through that ordeal, only to walk away when they’re nearing the finishline?

  • Marilyn

    How much longer was it going to take (the case)? I wonder why they did this. Could they have felt they’d lose, and a not guilty verdict/hung jury would be even more stressful so they just dropped it?

  • Marilyn

    Another reason might be it’s too stressful on her pregnancy, and they don’t want her going into premature labor and/or still going through the case after the baby is born.

  • Marilyn

    On the news, they just said it’s because it was declared a mis-trial and the judge declared one of the people innocent, so there would have to be another trial and John would have to testify all over again but doesn’t want to. It’s better for the whole family stress-wise.


    The paper that they are talking the confidentiality ambulance doc..
    That basically says that John did not want his son to go to the hospital..
    That is what the case is about.. and that the people on trial blackmailed
    them that if they did not give them money they would release the papers.

    Guess they did not want the world to know that John did not want his son
    to go to the hospital… And waited too long… Hope that they do not name
    their new son Jett after the one that passed away..

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