Tobey Maguire & His Happy Family Of Four

Such a sweet family!

Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer-Maguire took their two adorable kids – Ruby, 3 1/2, and Otis, 1 – out for the afternoon in Los Angeles on Sunday (September 5).

Ruby stayed closed to dad while Otis chilled with mom and a friend.

The Meyer-Maguires were recently seen arriving home from Vancouver, Canada.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    That is not an attractive woman by Middle America standards, let alone Hollywood’s…yikes.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt her husband, kids, family and friends would agree with you. So happy your opinion doesn’t matter one bit when at the end of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Well I think he’s spiderman forever! Not a bad gig but I wonder if it frustrates him??

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean she’s not attractive by Hollywood’s standards? Why, because she’s not made up, phony, fake and plastic? Is that what you would be referring to? Why, because she didn’t have a nose job, boob job, tummy tuck, & wears false eyelashes? Maybe he likes his wife to be natural.

    • keri

      There is a difference between being natural and being plain. Jennifer Meyer certainly is the latter. But apparently they love eachother and are happy together. She probably is a lovely person. Just not pretty.

      • Anonymous

        If given a choice between being you or her, I would definitely opt to be her.

  • Anonymous

    Alycia, tell that to all the low life morons on here. They know who they are.

  • Anonymous

    since when did expressing an honest opinion become taboo or rude? so what jen meyer is not a bombshell beauty and never will be do ppl have to lie about it or not call it out it?

    if ppl think she looks great, that’s fine with me but don’t label ppl as banes of society just because they don’t share the same opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, since always? It has never been acceptable to make negative comments about a person’s appearance, whether or not you are being “honest.” Obviously you were never taught proper manners, because civilized people just do not do that. The polite thing to do is not say anything. (Why are we even talking about this woman’s appearance? Why are comments about it necessary? It’s not relevant to anything.)

  • Sophia

    Their kids are totally adorable.

  • Anonymous

    since when did honesty become a characteristic of lacking civility? so essentially what you’re saying is you were taught to lie as means of being respectful, is that what you’re saying? whatever.

    it always amazes me the assumptions ppl make about other commenters THEY OBVIOUSLY DON’T KNOW from a few random comments.

    since you seem to high from your own self-righteousness about who i am, you are forgetting that these comments are not being said to JEN MEYER’S FACE. for me that makes it totally different. i would not nor have i ever walked up to someone and told them something like that.

    i think you are taking this way too seriously and too personally.

    comment by the uncvilized (LOL)

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