Happy 4th Birthday Dannielynn Birkhead!

Name: Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

Date of Birth: September 7, 2006

Parents: Anna Nicole Smith & Larry Birkhead

Siblings: Daniel Wayne (01/22/86 – 09/10/06)


  • Dannielynn was born at Doctors Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas
  • Her mother passed away on February 8, 2007
  • She was involved in a tumultuous paternity case which was settled on April 10, 2007 when the results of a DNA test proved Larry Birkhead to be her father
  • She has had two surgeries to correct a hereditary eye condition called strabismus which causes one to be cross-eyed
  • Dannielynn seems to be thriving living with her father, who, after gaining custody, moved the little girl to Kentucky

“Dannielynn is probably the funniest, craziest kid that I’ve met with the craziest sense of humor, just like her mom. She’s fearless and fun…. She has Anna’s smile, Anna’s mouth, and a lot of attributes that Anna has that she continues and carries on.” – Larry, on his beautiful daughter.

“She misses her mom so much. Right now she’s at the age where she’s noticing that other children in television and in books have moms. She said to me the other day quite seriously, “Where’s my mom?” It was sad but I explained to her, “Your mommy is in the clouds and you’ll see her again one day.” She knows who her mom is, though — I make sure of that. Our home is filled with photos of Anna and recognizes her straight away. I want to keep her mom and Daniel in her mind.” – Larry, on helping Dannielynn to keep Anna’s memory alive.

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  • Grace

    Happy Birthday Dannielynn! She is such a beautiful little girl and it looks like Larry is doing a good job with her! I hope she has wonderful life….

  • alexa

    Happy Birthday sweet Dannilynn.

  • Emma

    Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl =)

  • AnnieMouse

    It’s so nice to see her so happy. I’m also happy that she’s not in the press all the time. I was afraid that Larry would be a press-hound, but he seems like such a doting loving father!! Good for them! I’m happy for them.
    Happy Birthday Dannilynn and many more happy years to come!!!!!

    • Kelpy

      I agree, I thought the same about Larry but it looks like he’s doing a good job; very doting.

      Dannilynn is an adorable little girl

  • Jenny

    Happy Birthday cutie!!

  • Leone

    Happy brithday little ANNA NICOHL

  • Anon

    She’s like 2 years old i see reall younger anna Happy 4 Brithday anna


    Happy Birthday cutie!

  • Heart

    U r so beautiful my little angel happy birthday dannielynn birkhead:D she lmy favs little girl

  • Keep Down

    Happy 4th brithday dannie lynn smith

  • Heart

    Anna nicole normally like reese withersbon smile
    and dannielynn most beautiful like celebrity baby birdie silverstein

  • Anonymous

    Wow Dannielynn with smile like mom Anna Happy 4brithday

  • Anonymous

    Happy 4th Birthday Dannielynn! =)

  • Carlous

    Good morning! HAPPY DANNIE 4 BRITHDAY she’s beautiful girls ever then celeb babies guys she’s not like Anna a lot she like so much dad larry a lot but something like Anna mybey hair and smile keep the baby girl down like 2 years?!!

  • Keep down

    Dannielynn is very smart girl not like mom baby crazy

  • Renate

    Little sweet Dannielynn…although i am 2 days late… i will wish you a happy 4th birthday anyway….i’ll think off you every day i dont know why but you touched my heart… i have a little girl to…here name is Savannah and she is now 5 years old..but when i look at here and you i see you have the same color of eyes and hair…my little girl even says she wants to play with Dannielynn.. isnt that cute?

    wish you al the luck little girl!!
    sweet kisses

    Renate and Savannah

  • Mine me

    i swear Dannielynn so beautiful not like ugly anna nicole

  • Mine me


  • Celeste

    What a goregous little girl and she’s a very smart. 🙂 Larry is doing a great job with her. 🙂

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