Angelina Jolie Travels To Flood-Stricken Pakistan

Salt star Angelina Jolie, who serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN’s refugee agency, made her way to flood-stricken Pakistan this week to urge the international community to aid in recovery efforts for the country.

In a statement via The Huffington Post, Jolie said,

I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan.”

Jolie donned the traditional attire that many of the country’s Muslim women wear, while she visited families that had lost both family members, and possessions in the wake of the flooding. 17 million people have been affected by the flooding, which began after a monsoon hit the region in July, and 1700 have died.

Jolie was alone for the trip, and there were no sightings of partner Brad Pitt or the couples’ six children.

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  • Anonymous

    Wonderful that she is using her fame to draw attention to this horrible situation

  • Anon1

    I don’t fault her for using her celebrity to help people but lets be honest, what does it achieve to go to a crisis zone, take a few pictures and then leave? Nothing. On that note, who is looking after her brood while she runs around the world and her partner films his new movie? 6 kids are just too many for a busy career and too much do gooding. It is always all about her.

    • mslewis

      What does it achieve? Are you nuts? Angelina’s visit to Pakistan has received attention for the crisis there and has probably raised millions of dollars for the relief efforts. That is her job as a UNHCR Ambassador, to go to places that are not receiving attention so that they do get attention. The media had stopped reporting on this crisis and donations were drying up, and now Pakistan and the flood are back in the news, all because of Angelina.

      Angelina has been doing this for the past TEN YEARS!!! Nobody does something for ten years because it’s “all about her.” What a stupid comment.

      As for leaving her children . . . she was gone for less than three days and her children’s grandparents were with them, along with their father who doesn’t work 24/7. Stop making it sound as if this woman is neglecting her family. She isn’t. She is a working mother just like millions of other working mothers in this country. Angelina probably is with her six children more than most women with everyday jobs who are gone from morning to evening, five days a week and only get to interact with their children a few hours a day while the kids are looked after by other people at daycare.

      • Jennie

        Exactly! Well said! I was so moved to hear that she is bringing much needed attention to this horrible situation! When I first read of the tragedy over there, I was wondering where all the coverage was and why there were no celebrities jumping to bring attention to the matter. All I can say is thank GOD for Angelina and her big heart!

  • Hopeso

    This woman work tirelessly for the disadvantaged all over the world, god bless her.

  • Debs

    She looks like a Sith lord in this picture.

  • Anonymous

    @Anon1 what stupid and sad comment…

  • Glee

    I think some people are just stupid, they don’t see beyond the picture in front of them. Angelina Jolie through her WORK as UN Ambassador is going out and bringing awareness to the plight of millions of needy people, she is not a sitcom character stuck in a role, wake up anon, you do read and listen and comprehend what you are haring and seeing right?????

  • Audrey

    Hopefully it brings needed attention and aid. But on the issue of her children. Children can often do just fine with Dad while Mom is gone awhile. I occasionally used to travele for my job, and when I got home, suprise – everything was still up and running.

  • Anonymous

    Lets see Angie has filmed 12 weeks this year on the The Tourist in Venice with her kids visiting her at work. She spent approx 14 days promoting Salt and she took her kids w/ her. She has been on 5 UN trips(1 with Brad in Bosnia in April) for total of approx 15 days total. each trip she is away 2-3 days. I work 48 weeks a year,my kids don’t visit me at work. I ‘ve had to take 6 international business trips this year I’m usually away 4-6 days.My husband and mother in law are with our kids but I guess I’m still a horrible mother for having a career . O yeah 3 GF’s and I went on our annual getaway to NYC someone call Child Protective Services on me

    • Audrey

      I like your remark. When I was raising my children someone maybe should have reported me also. My kids thought of my time away from them as their own Mom-free minivacation.

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