Britney Spears Sued For Sexual Harassment, Child Abuse

A former bodyguard of pop princess Britney Spears has filed a lawsuit today, claiming Brit repeatedly harassed him and abused her children, TMZ reports.

Fernando Flores claims Britney made “repeated unwanted sexual advances” toward him by exposing herself in front of him. Flores alleges, on one occasion, “She was wearing a white lace, see-through dress. She walked over close by [Flores], intentionally dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor, bent over to retrieve it and thereby exposed her uncovered genitals to [Flores].” The lawsuit says, “The incident caused [Flores] shock and disgust.”

The suit lists other instances of sexual harassment. Reportedly, Britney said to Flores, “You know you liked it.”

The statement goes on to claim, “In addition to exposing herself to [Flores], Spears engaged in numerous sex acts in front of [Flores].” Allegedly, Britney was “loudly having sexual relations” in a hotel suite where her young sons – Sean Preston, 5 this month, and Jayden James, 4 this month – were present.

The suit goes on to claim that Britney abused her boys. Allegedly, on one occasion she demanded Flores’ belt, then walked in the house and twice “savagely hit the small child [Sean Preston]” with the belt. Also Britney allegedly fed both kids crabmeat even though she knew of their serious fish allergies. The suit claims that both boys started vomiting and Britney allegedly prevented anyone from seeking medical help, telling them, “Mind your own f**king business!”

Do you believe Britney is innocent of the above claims?

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  1. Anonymous

    wow this one is this how people make money these days?

  2. Anonymous

    I’m sorry, I’m in the UK. However, is this not olkd news? I would be the first to dis anyone who is bad to their kids. But, is there actually anyone who can verify this? Other than those looking for a quick buck?

    Brit has ben under SUPER scutiny for quite some time. Are Courts, Sheriffs and lawyers all blind?

    I hope I am right and they can enjoy their childhood.

  3. Anon

    This news gife me Happy for britney

  4. popsykl

    she probably did it, we know she likes men!!!!! and we have all lost our cool and whacked our kids,. little boys can drive anybody nuts…….

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I’ve never done anything even near that to my kids!!!!

      There is a name for that. Child abuse. They are kids, we are the adults. No excuse for hitting kids with force that would really hurt them.

      RU guys freaks?!?!

      Will stop visiting here if that’s how you all think!!!

    • nanpan

      What??? No, I”m sorry, I’ve never “lost my cool and whacked my kid!” That’s sick! You’re the adult, learn to control yourself. You shouldn’t be losing control around your children, period.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t believe this for a minutes, only because of the fact that Britney has been watched by so many people and her dad is always around, it would be hard for that to go unnoticed. Also, if Britney did hurt her boys, Kevin would not let them see her. Looks like a guy who was fired trying to make a quick buck!!!

  6. Jennifer

    hypersexuality is a symptom of untreated bi-polar! he has no case! She clearly was a very sick, untreated girl. Now, with treatment she appears more stable!

  7. Tazina

    Is this opportunist a clone of the other guy whose case was throw out for lack of evidence a few months ago? The authorities must be getting tired of beating a path to Britney’s door and finding absolutely no evidence of any wrong doing. Hopefully, it will be the same this time.

  8. Anonymous

    i feel so bad for brit. she’s moving on with her life and changed now. that bodyguard is a lying s.o.b. its so sad that people take advantage of her because of her past. my heart goes out to her. hang in there britney!

  9. shercour

    i think he lies about Britney’s sexual harrassment
    child abuse may be… but i doubt too

  10. Carey

    I’ve no idea.
    We must remember that Britney’s kids are too spoiled. And their mother has too many issues.

    There’s nothing wrong with giving some light smacks and slaps when a moment asks for it. Light smacks and slaps are not abuse or violence. People who do not know the differences between light smacks/slaps and spanking are usually the liberal/submissive parents and the mentally/emotionally disturbed parents.
    Should always be a balance when teaching discipline to a child. Physical punishment is not the way. Words are much more worthy when they’re said correctly with strenght, energy and firmness.

  11. Anonymous

    no no no britney would never ever ever dream of hurting her boys i know 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Disgusting tranny. She’s just unattractive and untalented. Name one thing she’s good at doing. Oh I know, zilch.

  13. Casie

    In his dreams. No I highly doubt she did it. She isn’t that desperate! She can go & find other people u know. Just think of pool boy! Hurting her kids?! Are you crazy?! She LOVES her kids! I highly doubt this is true.

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