Angelina Jolie Admits “I Don’t Have Many Friends”

With six kids and Brad Pitt as a husband it doesn’t seem possible that Angelina Jolie would be lacking for company, but RadarOnline says that’s what she hinted at in an interview with CNN.

The actress was asked who she confides in about work and personal pressures, and she admitted that her inner circle is a small one. “I’ll talk to my family,” Angelina said. “I talk to Brad; he wants to know as much as he can about these issues and every trip.

“But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friends to talk to,” she said. “He is really the only person I talk to.”

The Salt star is in Pakistan as part of her work as a US Goodwill Ambassador and also talked about how her kids – Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 4, and 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – feel about her philanthropic efforts. “I tell my children why I’m going and I explain to them, why I was packing flashlights and food. They help me pack things. It helps them to be better people to understand a little bit about the world.”

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  • Anonymous

    i gotta say: i know a few celebrities personally and they live in such a different world then us. i know it sounds cliche but maybe there is a reason for that. it is hard to meet people, it hard to connect with people, know who to trust. it is possible but it is hard especially when you have a unusual back story (AJ’s being that she grew up being a loner w? only a few friends, she was a cutter, a sometime drug user… she broke off from those in her past and then when she was a big time star it was hard to make new friends). anyway, beautiful, rich big celebrities have just as many insecurity issues as anyone. maybe she is shy?

  • LS

    not surprised

  • nicoleC

    almost never see her with another A-list actress being friends
    maybe her babysitter Holly is her only friends

  • Sophia

    That’s sad. It would be awful to have no-one to talk to. I mean, it’s lovely that she’s got her family, but sometimes you just need someone outside of your family. Oh well.

  • Abbe

    Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe she prefer it that way? Many people like having only one or two people that they really confide in. With her lifestyle, the size of her family, her commitments, etc., it’s no wonder she doesn’t have many friends. I don’t think it reflects poorly on her at all.

  • nanpan

    I don’t really have any friends either, but it doesn’t really make me sad. I have a really great family, and don’t feel any need for friends. In my own experience, friends are very fickle.

  • Tazina

    My son tells me that a lot of people don’t have many friends these days. People text each other and “talk” on the computer but face to face meetings have gone way down. But as for Angelina I’m not surprised she doesn’t have many friends. She leads a very busy life, kids, movies, traveling to destitute countries, PR work. She also has to be careful who she confides in as that person could be an opportunist and leak confidental information about her to the tabloids.

  • Anonymous

    Jeeze, bloggers are such aweful/hateful people. She was asked specifically if she calls up her friends after she visits these place and discuss what she has seen. And she said she talks to Brad about this. She DID NOT say she doesn’t have have friends. It’s just really annoying how idiots love to twist every thing she says to fit their disgusting agenda.

    • Anonymous

      “But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friends to talk to,” she said. “He is really the only person I talk to.”

      So WTF are you talking about?

      • mslewis

        She meant she didnt have any friends to talk to ABOUT HER TRIPS TO THESE DESITUTE COUNTRIES!!! Apparently she doesn’t want to burden her friends with talk of the horror but Brad WANTS to listen and discuss what she has seen and done.

        Why would she discuss her friends or lack thereof to Dr. Gupta while being interviewed about Pakistan. People are too stupid to read and comprehend. They just want to pick out a sentence or phrase and run with it.

      • Anonymous

        she said ” i dont have lot of friends to talk to “, its mean she does have FEW friend to talk, but not a gaggle girls like those bithces gang… having few real friends is better than having lot drama friends…

        and then she said ” he is really the only person i talk to ” which mean brad is the only person that she trust to shared intimate and personal things…..coz your partner, your lover is your best friend…

  • Anonymous

    I think she is a bit of a loner, nothing wrong with that. Everyone doesn’t need a lot of people around or in their business. I do a lot of things alone, adding friends to the mix changes the vibe. This society is immature anyway placing so much importance on friends when she has 6 children, a partner, and family and a high profile career; not much time to be chatting it up with friends anyway. Over a lifetime, besides your family you are fortunate to have 2/3 good friends that stick with you through thick and thin the rest is just clutter

  • Anonymous

    wow…she said “i don´t have MANY friends”….

  • Anonymous

    What’s sad is that as they drag those kids all over the world, they aren’t going to have longterm friends, either. Of course Angelina gets to make the choice, the kids don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Maddox has attended the same school for years.a private french school whenever he is in LA. So he reconnects with his friends. The school has many students that travel alot with their families,diplomat kids, kids in showbiz etc Kimora Lee Simmons attend the same school . There was a pic of her and AJ at a school fair. Brad and Angie have spoken about their kids going on playdates etc. Angie just mentioned her kids attended day camp this summer. Also the question she was asked is if she talks about the things she sees on her UN trips the pain, suffering atrocities, etc. My sister is nurse who works with pediatric cancer patients and she only discusses her job experiences with one friend . She won’t discuss it w/ me because I’m hyper sensitive. Now we discuss less serious stuff.

    • Anonymous

      The key here being “whenever he’s in LA”. Venice, New Orleans, Paris, god knows where else, all year round. Being in LA for a month or two doesn’t make for longterm friendships. It doesn’t matter that many people drag there kids around during the school year; that actually doesn’t make it any better.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it is because everyone is afraid she will steal their husbands too!

  • lilseraph

    Yeah well I don’t really have friends either, people who you think are your friends just end up stabbing you in your back, but I have a wonderful family tat have never let me down.

  • Anon1

    She sounds sad and lonely, but am not surprise she has no friends, she seems anti people, very selfish and self centered. Everything is about her and her ego including the charity and adoptions

  • Anonymous

    So donating tens of millions to charities, providing a home for 3 children and visiting thousands of refugees over ten years and listening to their stories and bringing media attn to their plight is because of her ego. Really well i wish more celebs would use their celebrity to bring attn to a cause. As for the kids where is the outrage that kids like Willow and Jaden Smith, Ella Travolta travel with their parents on location and no longer attend school.

    • SiervaMaria

      I wish you weren’t anon, but nevertheless, ITA with you. Of course the negative light shines only ever on AJ about subjects that she’s in great company with. Paul and Linda McCartney would just set up home wherever he would be touring and the kids were with them every step of the way on until adulthood. When was the last time one heard of a Macca kid going astray? lol. People need to read Annie Griffiths Belts “A Camera, Two Kids and a Camel.” She stopped the travel when the kids got older, and that’s something Angelina has also said. She said that the kids will eventually want to settle (not verbatium) in somewhere too. Man, if I had had the opportunity to give kids a life of learning the world hands on? Puhleeze, hands on here we come!

  • SiervaMaria

    Sometimes I just don’t think Angelina thinks of the impact before she speaks. Yeah, on one hand that spontanaity is one of the endearing things about her, and she’s been clear throughout her career that she doesn’t care what people think and she shouldn’t. But it does bug me that she sometimes just opens herself up to unwarranted criticizms. She may not confide the weight of her world to anyone but Brad, but she’s made it sound like she’s not friends with anyone! She’s on record as saying otherwise, and with others saying they are friends with her like Archie Panjabi and Marianne Pearl. Many HW women don’t run in packs, and most of them aren’t doing so because the’re mom’s and have families. I don’t see Gwen Stefani, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner or Katie Holmes EVER with anyone but their hubbies, and so I suspect that the hubbies are also the main confidants as they should be. I just feel like Angie is being looked at as BFF-less and pitiful due to a poor choice of expression.

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