Christina Applegate: Pregnancy Is Exhausting!

Mom-to-be Christina Applegate says that pregnancy isn’t leaving her much time for anything else!

“I eat and I sleep. It’s all I do. This is an exhausting process. It’s wonderful and it’s magical and it’s all of these things, but it really takes you down,” the Going the Distance star admits. “So my typical day is I get up in the morning and, you know, figure out which room I’m going to go take naps in.”

It may be exhausting, but there are parts of the process Christina absolutely loves – like feeling her baby kick!

“Feeling kicks for the first time has been pretty rad,” she says.

The baby on the way is the first for Christina and her partner Martyn LeNoble.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Miranda

    She’s a little older too and that makes you more tired. I say this from experience, having had one baby at 27 and another at 35. I definitely felt more tired with the second one and the recovery from the second c-section was not as easy either, didn’t bounce back as quickly. I really think age plays a factor, no matter how much in shape you are.

  2. rowdygirl

    For someone who was facing death not so long ago, her constant complaining is really annoying. Some people are just never happy, no matter how blessed they are.

  3. Anonymous

    Once her baby is born, she’ll realize what luxury she’s taken for granted. Pregnancy is exhausting, but not nearly as exhausting as raising a baby! Having nothing more to do than nap all day sounds like heaven to me.

  4. Tiredallthetime

    Must be nice to be so rich that all you have to do all day is lounge about. Try being pregnant and working two jobs Christina Applegate, maybe then you will have something to complain about.

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