Juliana Margulies Nursing Son’s Broken Arm

Julianna Margulies was on Late Night With David Letterman on Wednesday when she spoke about nursing her 2-year-old’s broken arm.

The Good Wife star had left Kieran, her son with husband Keith Lieberthal, in a friend’s care when the curious tot fell from a seven foot ladder.

She said, “It was an indoor playground and they had a little loft thing with a slide and he just learned how to climb, and in a split second – look, I wasn’t there. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have happened had I been there. But you turn your back, he’s two-and-a-half, and he’s up the ladder. He’s actually quite a cautious kid and he just missed a rung.”

Margulies said she doesn’t hold a grudge against the caretaker and didn’t name who it was. She clarified that if the accident did happen on her watch, “the guilt would be greater.”

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  1. dholmas

    Things happen so fast with kids. Take your eyes off for even a second and they can get into trouble. I am sure the caretaker was horrified it happened on her watch. Hoping the little tyke will be all better soon. Amazing how fast the young heal.

  2. MOT

    Poor kiddo. Yep – these kids are quick and in the blink of an eye bones are broken, heads are split (that was my case), fingers are smashed, you name it. I hope his arm mends quickly. I agree about the caretaker probably feeling horrible about it.

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