Ali Larter Talks About Her Baby Boy

It’s official! After accidentally letting it slip during an interview last week, Heroes star Ali Larter has confirmed that she’s expecting a boy.

The mom-to-be made the announcement on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, saying, “We’re having a boy!…. Yes! I have a little penis inside of me.”

The baby boy, due this winter, will be the first child for Ali and her husband Hayes MacArthur.

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  • Anonymous

    What an embarrassing joke. No making sexual innuendos about a fetus!

  • Anonymous

    the word ‘penis’ isn’t sexual…..get your mind out of the gutter.

  • Courtney

    her making that joke is like an oscar winning actress saying her favorite child until she has the one she’s expecting at that moment is her Oscar. granted that was only ever said once and it was in 1958 back in the days when you weren’t allowed to say pregnant on television or in film. and it was a joke as a protective mechinism as she’d had an M/C earlier in the year and didn’t want to show to much excitment.

  • haley

    Courtney you really need to stop with your obsessions with these random celebrities. Stop going off topic. Its disgusting how you always writing about these random celebrity. Next time stick to the topic.

  • Andreea

    lol i liked that!

  • Anonymous


    Also, what in the EFF are you talking about, Courtney?!

  • tif

    funny! i used to say, “I’m growing a penis.”

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