Christian Bale’s School Run

American Psycho star Christian Bale and wife Sandra “Sibi” Blažić were seen picking up their gorgeous 5-year-old daughter Emmeline from school in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Friday (September 10).

Emmeline held onto her stuffed animal and mom’s hand as she left first week of class.

Watch for Christian’s upcoming film, The Fighter, to hit the big screen later this year. The boxing flick costars fellow celeb parents, Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • carrie

    in my country(France),it’s forbidden to take pictures in front of children’s school by paparazzis

  • Anonymous

    wow – first time ever i have not seen his wife wearing black!

  • sidney

    Emmaline kinda looks like violet.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Ryder’s school.

  • LOVE how she looks like violet

    I thought so too that she looks exactly like Violet Affleck..even the same age.
    How weird is that..It would be great to have Christian and Jen Garner out
    with their daughters..

  • Anonymous

    While Violet is cute, Emmaline is beautiful and has much better bone structure. Violet has dimples and Dumbo ears and smaller eyes. In fact besides them both being white girls with long blonde hair, I don’t see much of a resemblence at all.

    • Anonymous

      you have too much time on your hands lol

  • Anonymous

    LOL she sure does
    She does resemble Violet to me also, other than that she has never cracked one smile in all the times I’ve seen her photographed. Very sad looking little girl. Even though she is about 1 l/2 years older than Violet, (which would make her about 6) Christian Bale has never publically released her name and in fact, I’ve heard it definitely ISNT Emmaline (but nobody knows what it really is so that name keeps getting kicked around)

    • Anonymous

      If I were being chased by aggressive thugs with cameras, I wouldn’t smile either. Doesn’t mean she is “sad.” In fact I think it’s pretty healthy and normal to react negatively to the paps.

      And as for him not releasing her name, so what? The public isn’t entitled to that information, and if he doesn’t want to announce it, that’s his right. Good for him. It’s a good thing to protect the privacy of children who are not public figures, not something to be criticized.

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t look like Violet at all. I honestly don’t know how people can see the resemblance.

  • Anonymous

    I agree no one is perfect but that rant was crazy, so why should I move on and forget it? No one should. I’m sure the professional camera operator will never forget being publically humiliated by Bale. It was completely unnecessary and nutso of him. He obviously has anger issues. And also don’t forget he was arrested for battert against his sister and mother.

    • akgirl78

      OK let me educate you just a bit. #1 No charges were ever brought against him and the allegation where for abuse not battery. In England abuse is classified as either verbal or physical, which it was determined by the police to be the 1st and even his own mother said that he never physically assaulted anyone. #2 If you would do a tiny bit more research you’ll come across articles that include several accounts from crew members defending Bale. Their accounts range from the DP being asked several times not to adjust things while filming was going on, to several crew members stating that the DP himself was verbally abusive to his own crew and had been over heard telling people that when they made mistakes they should just “shoot themselves in the head because they are too stupid to live.” Before you jump on a band wagon realize there’s always more to any story than our so called entertainment news puts out there. #3 You weren’t there. Why does it matter so much if he yelled at someone? If you really feel the need to hold a grudge against a man you have neither met nor probally will ever meet than I feel sorry for you. There are more important things in the world. As I said before get over it.

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