Jerry O’Connell And His Calabasas Cutie

Jerry O’Connell and his daughter Charlie did some early morning grocery shopping in Calabasas, California on Saturday (September 11). He wore a tribute shirt to the men of women of New York City’s Sanitation. Jerry’s wife Rebecca Romijn and their other 20-month-old daughter, Dolly, wasn’t with them.

The actor was promoting his new legal drama The Defenders in Beverly Hills on Friday when he spoke about his twin girls.

He told OK!, “We actually just transferred them from cribs to real beds, which is a big problem because they keep coming out of their beds and you’ll be sitting there, like you’ll be on the computer, and one will appear in back of you– and it scares the crap out of me.

“They’re like baby ghosts standing in the middle of the house.”

He also revealed that he has his hands full with them describing them as “real clutchy, needy. They’re always crying every time I pass them.”

Fortunately, Rebecca’s parents came into town to give them a break.

“Somebody’s got to help me with these kids. They’re crazy,” he laughed.

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Photo credit: KAMA/GSI Media


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she grows a lot !

This looks more like Charlie to me….but I could be wrong.


i agree @musiclover looks like charlie… seems like jerry usually has charlie and rebecca has dolly.


It is charlie. look at the other pictures of them.


Their sense of humor about their girls absolutely cracks me up! I get so annoyed with all the floofy, flowery, spiritual bullsh*t that many celebrity moms spit out…it’s fun to see some normal “my kids drive me nuts” comments from them.


I also enjoy their sense of humor about the girls and children that age do pop out of bed after being kissed goodnight.
“Somebody’s got to help me with these kids. They’re crazy,” he laughed.
this is hilarious too cute


Yep thtas Charlie! Dolly looks different, her hair is just blonder and she has slimmed down…I too love the way they don’t endlessly call their children “spectacular” and so on…of coures they think they are great but tehy are fun enough not to bore us with it! Yeah, actors with social skills!