MOGO Charmbands: The Trendy, Hip Version of the Charm Bracelet

Most little girls love their charm bracelets and many of us keep adding to them right through our adult life. We love the wonderful meaning and memory behind every special charm. But while we adore this traditional bracelet, wouldn’t a more contemporary, trendy version be fun? And that’s exactly what MOGO has created. The Mogo Magnet Charm bracelet is totally cool and modern, providing instant charm, instant connections and instant personalization.

MOGO Charms come in over 100 different designs. With charm collections like ‘Groovy Love’, ‘Text Me’, ‘Heart to Heart’, ‘Pet Pals’, ‘Peace Time,’ and ‘Twirly Girl’ along with individual initial charms, every girl is sure to find one that expresses who she is. The fresh, fun magnetic charms connect securely to the charmband rivets with “just a click”, providing instant personalization. These MOGO Charmbands are fully adjustable, come in 7 trendy colors and easily link together to make wristbands, anklebands, headbands, belts and chokers and much more.

Which celeb mommies are stocking up on MOGO charms for their kids? Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Angelina Jolie are just a few of the A-listers that have started collections for their celeb kids. Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus have also been spotted sporting their hot new MOGO Charmbands.

Tweens are hard to shop for, but this affordable, fashionable and high quality MOGO Charmband and Charm sets make the perfect gift. A charmband with your initials retail for around $20 or a charmband plus collection of three charms retail for under $30.

Exclusive CBS Offer: Go to and click on the contact us link, send an email saying, “I saw you on Celebrity Baby Scoop” and you will receive FREE MOGO charms with your initials!

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