Roger Federer’s Tots Take Tiny Steps

Roger and Mirka Federer’s twins Charlene Riva and Myla Rose were spotted taking tiny steps in New York City’s Central Park last Thursday (September 9). The 14-month-old tots were with their grandmother Lynette Federer, who followed along with their double stroller. They quickly made friends with another baby, borrowing her ball for awhile.

The Swiss player once said about their parenting skills, “We were a bit surprised when we learned that Mirka was going to have twins, and we were maybe a touch worried that it would be really difficult and stressful, but so far it’s been really easy. I think we’ve had the right approach. Mirka is very laid-back and I’m also a calm person, so I think all of that enabled us to handle the situation.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. dholmas

    To cute. It is funny to watch kids walk at that age.

  2. Anonymous

    Those girls are absolutely adorable. They look so much like their Dad. I wonder if they will be pro tennis players like their Dad, Roger. So cute!

  3. Anonymous

    So cute mom was a tennis player also so they have it in the blood Imagine in 20 years one of them could be playing Stefi Graf and Andre Agassi’s daughter

  4. E

    they are SO CUTE!!! no surprise- roger is handsome and his wife is beautiful.. so sweet!

  5. Anonymous

    I find that most celebrity parents end up having well behaved children and they don’t ever seem to have children with anger problems. Maybe it’s because the media doesn’t want to show that side of it.

  6. fedexxfan

    everthing will fine- Fedex will be again N0 1.

    Maria from Oslo

  7. bibek mishra

    cute babies……………future TENNIS CHAMPIONS In single and doubles

  8. Carol Martin

    Adorable. As far as I can tell they look just like Roger. He is a winner and so are these babies. Go Roger! Love you, you’re the greatest EVER.

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