Angelina Jolie Departs With Her Daughters

A-list mama Angelina Jolie was photographed departing Los Angeles International Airport with daughters Zahara, 5 1/2, and Shiloh, 4, on Tuesday (September 14).

The 35-year-old mother of six walked hand in hand with her eldest daughters as they made their way through the busy airport.

Angie has recently been in Pakistan as part of her work as a US Goodwill Ambassador. She is sure to tell all her children – including Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, and 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – about her philanthropic efforts:

I tell my children why I’m going and I explain to them, why I was packing flashlights and food,” Angie said. “They help me pack things. It helps them to be better people to understand a little bit about the world.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    they are adorable shiloh’s hair is growing so healthy and nice zahara is a cutie
    angelina looks beautiful

  • nicoleC

    shiloh is so pretty no matter what she wear

  • BW

    Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but I saw a special celebrity baby section of one of the tabloids recently and a head shot of Shiloh was amongst a lot of other celeb kid pictures. She caught my eye before I even realized who it was at first. She is really a stunningly beautiful child. And Zahara’s very beautiful, too, if you ask me. JMO.

  • Pie

    Sophie Smith, maybe you are the one who needs to get your eyes check. They look like angels, for me any kids whatever they wear and the way their hair cuts still looks cute to me..

  • Anon1

    Shiloh is now bigger than Zahara, wow. I don’t think any child at such a young age can ask for such extreme tom boy style. I refuse to believe it. Why no give her gender neutral clothing?

  • Anonymous

    This is never EVER gonna end. Until she have her hair long and a pretty little dress, somebody will need to make a comment;

    PS: The wild child does have a name, so does the black one, why do you need to call them by their color?

  • Anonymous

    white not wild

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh’s face is very feminine so I can’t mistake her for a boy except maybe from the back. And I guess some ppl need a constant reminder that there’s no law that girls have to wear frilly dresses and have a long hair. Shiloh is beautiful just the way she is, even though I thought her long hair was gorgeous.

  • Leanspa

    I am agree with BW that beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, Shiloh and Zahara both looks cute. Angelina is a good mom as how she cares for her children and how she taught them about the this world.

  • Anonymous

    i can`t understand all of this about the clothes. Does it matter which colour she wears? I don`t like gray at all and I wouldn`t pick it for my children and my children (boy and girl) would not pick it for themselves – but that`s her choice and her taste. It´s non of our business. In my opinion there shouldn`t be a dresscode for girls and boys. And there ist no dresscode – stop making rude comments about her clothes.

    A. once said s. ist very strong willed. I doubt shilow would wear anything she does not like!

  • Sweet

    Shiloh so beautiful and cute

  • Joy

    Shiloh is really astunningly beautiful child not like mom and dad

  • Yakasuri

    Both girls are beautiful!! When i was Shiloh age, i was like that too – boys clothes only and i wanted my hair always cut short. But years passed and now i dress more feminine i.e dresses and skirts. Maybe its just a phase or not – but the most important thing is that Shiloh is happy. If Brad and Angie dint listen to her and made her wear dresses, she will not be a happy child.

  • Anonymous

    To Anonymous @ 3:44 said “In my opinion there shouldn`t be a dresscode for girls and boys. And there ist no dresscode”

    Would it be okay if Maddox and Pax wore pink dresses, had their nails done, grew their hair long, put a hair clip in it and walked around with dolls?

    • Jack109

      In all honesty…. why not? If they wanted to and they were comfortable dressing that way, what would be the problem? We know you’d never let your darling children dress that way but seriously, get over the fact that other people are secure enough to let their children express themselves.

  • Jessy

    Shiloh beautiful but more pertty.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is just “weird” that grown women sit around obsessing over Shiloh’s wardrobe choices.I think you can find more important things to complain about,thank you very much.Both little girls are beautiful.

    • ssjl


  • Grace

    She is such a beautiful little angel .zhara so cute

  • Jack109

    I love Zahara’s eyes, they are just gorgeous. Both the girls are lovely. And more on topic its wonderful that they are so grounded and are learning about the world. Most people shelter their children from the horrible things in this world instead of teaching about it.

  • Anonymous

    Jack109 – it is NOT NORMAL for little boys to dress that way. I hope you don’t have children. With a name like Jack, one can only imagine what you are/were/want to be etc.

    • Allison

      Who says that YOU are the one who decides what is normal or not? The world could do with more Jacks and less close minded pigs like you. If you’re gonna keep you mind so closed, do the rest of us a favor and keep your mouth closed too.

      Honestly with your attitude, I’m hoping YOU are the one that doesnt have kids. We dont need any more people like you.

  • Aicer

    Shiloh has beautiful eyes??

  • Swee

    Yeah i agree

  • Anonymous

    For the person who asked about the boys wearing dresses of course there is a double standard. I can wear pants or dresses to work but my husband couldn’t wear a dress to work. That’s one of the advantages of being females . Now if we can just eliminate the wage gap ….

  • Anonymous

    She’s n’t my faverit baby and she has pretty face in fact

  • Polar

    Shiloh is very beautiful.
    I love her face.

  • Tim Malone

    Hey Angelina you are so cute mother with your daughters around you

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  • Mark Jones

    Seems like a real mother! No she is not only the absolute celeb!

  • Kate Richards

    Yes she is so cute here

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  • Emily Berger

    Hey she is so sexy and at the same time so … mom ?

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  • Dpantelis

    Ohhh! Shiloh looks so much like her mother.
    I love Bradgelina!!!

    Force Factor

  • Anonymous

    You all need to stop with the beautiful and get real that baby should not be dressing and looking like a boy at the tender age that she is, this is ridiculous and sad, let her decide to look like a boy when she gets older but this is a shame. She wants to be a pirate and play with dead birds come on what the hell is going on here and sorry she is not that cute Zahara is on the other hand deal with that.

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