Penelope Cruz Is Pregnant!

After weeks (and months) of speculation, a representative for Penelope Cruz has revealed that the actress is indeed expecting her first child with husband Javier Bardem!

This news comes after a photo was released yesterday of Cruz on the set of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment sporting what appears to be a good-sized baby bump.

The rep shared via Hello! Magazine, that the actress, who quietly married Bardem in July, is four-and-a-half months along.

Congratulations to the Cruz/Bardem family!

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • Sophie Smith

    Here in Europe we’ve known for a while now (from magazines) that she is pregnant…

    • Anon

      So what, do you and europe want a prize? This will be one beautiful not some mutant like the Brangelina bio kids.

      • Sophie Smith

        Wow, what’s your problem!? I was simply pointing out that I’ve read here in Europe WEEKS ago in a magazine that she is pregnant – I thought the US would have known sooner than people here.

        • Alycia

          I was also wondering why it hadn’t been reported on sites like this yet…

  • ssjl


  • klutzy_girl

    Since my comment seems to have disappeared, congratulations to them!

    I kinda figured after those pictures yesterday, though.

  • sarvenaz

    congrats….can’t wait to see baby!

  • Anonymous

    Hope the baby looks her her and not her caveman husband. Congrats to the happy couple.

  • Anonymous

    I love her dress!!! Who made it?

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautful here. I would also like to know who made the dress?

  • Anonymous

    OK Haters I guess youll call this one a shot gun wedding , well AT LEAST they got married unlike Mario Lopez and most of hollywierd

  • nicoleC

    that will be awesome !!

  • Lillian Tussey

    I wish them well, but they are just NOT a likeable couple. Javier is so arrogant that I won’t watch his films. Anyway Pen is looking beauty, but Javier is the one who seems to be packing on the preggo pounds. Ick! All on his legs and backside.

  • yycien

    I’m just busy looking for baby gifts when I found this news. This is actually a great news! Congratulation to the happy couple! I can’t wait to see their baby. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The dress Penelope is wearing is Elie Saab Couture Spring 2010 Nude Lace Draped Gown. 🙂

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