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@Deanracer Ok, this is the cutest pic in the world. Liam asleep on a chair!!

@MarioLopezExtra Keep visiting my girls at the hospital. Should be coming home in a couple of days. Its funny how Gia Francesca already looks different to me

@alydenisof Satyana got her first Bee sting today. She handled it like a champ, the bee…not so much…

@ehasselbeck *phew* kids to bed- going to do a quick 20 min on my AB GLIDER and then catch up on some sleep!

@michellebranch Tired. Going to bed at 3am and then waking up at 6:30 to feed chickens and pack school lunch isn’t a good idea. Coffee on a drip please?

@dinamanzo Lex home from school again, missed most of fashion week but that’s why they call me Mommy. ( a phrase my dad taught us)

@Teresa_Giudice It’s Audriana’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe it! I love her so much! We are just getting ready to have cake. Tweet you tomorrow. xx

@ShannaMoakler My daughter told me last night that my butt wasn’t completely gone yet but was well on its way! lmfao! GYM time bikinibook mamas!

@larrybirkhead Recovering from Dannielynn’s fourth birthday celebration that stretched across three states.

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Photo credit: Dean McDermott's Twitter


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Liam asleep on the chair…I have one of my son around the same age leaning on the sofa standing, asleep, that is priceless as well.


Anyone know why Mario’s “girls” are still in the hospital… c-section?


He sleep