Kingston And Zuma Rossdale Go Bananas At The Petting Zoo

Kingston and Zuma Rossdale spent the day with their nannies at New York’s Central Park on Wednesday (September 15). The boys were spotted looking at sailboats and visiting the petting zoo.

Kingston, 4, sure looked like he was having fun trying to kiss and pet a goat. Zuma, 2, looked on wearing a very fashionable white hat.

The children have been making the most out of the Big Apple. They were last seen with their dad Gavin Rossdale heading out to dinner on Monday night.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    the hair of this child looks awful, what a shame…

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous @3:14 – I’m sure your hair doesn’t look any better.

    • Anonymous

      Well, how original? you wrong, anyways… mine was all natural and not bleach dyed when I was a toddler. That kid when grows up isn’t going to have natural looking baby pictures, is he? and the hair looks awfuly dirty, not his fault though …

  3. Anonymous

    Kingston and Zuma are the most beautiful boys born to a celebrity! With Britney’s boys in a close second. I think Ava Phillippe is the most beautiful girl born to a celebrity.

  4. Megan

    The most beautiful boys ever. They looks just like the beautiful Gwen and Gavin.

  5. Megan

    The most beautiful boys ever. They looks just like the beautiful Gwen and Gavin.

  6. tkwe

    Kingston looks better with shorter hair

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 7:15, why don’t you learn how to spell and use proper grammar before you leave a post?

  8. LaLa

    These are the 2 cutest kids in Hollywood.

  9. Anonymous

    and where is the mom? going into the zoo with your children is something you cant miss, gwen

  10. SiervaMaria

    All these d@mn anon’s! Please, whether I agree with ya or not, be more courageous and half own your words! Half? At least pick a bloody name! It’s not like anyone knows who the he!! you are right? Geez, it’s so freaking cowardly.

    O, that’s out of my system.

    I think this family’s lovely. I think……………me, SiervaMaria………….thinks they’re solid and the boys are dolls.

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