Mark Wahlberg Prefers Country Clubs Over Nightclubs

Looks like Marky Mark’s ditched his funky bunch. Mark Wahlberg, who has battled drug addiction in the past and served time in jail as a teen, says he’s left his hard partying days behind and now gets his good vibrations in other ways.

There’s nothing really but trouble out there. I enjoy going to bed early. Instead of going to the nightclub I go to the country club

The Other Guys star, who is married to Rhea Durham, says now he prefers spending time with their four kids – Ella Rae, 7, Michael, 4, Grace, 6 months, and Brendan 1-1/2.

“I play golf in the morning and hang out with my kids all day everyday,” he says. “I’ve dodged many bullets in my day, literally, so to be able to just settle down and relax, I enjoy that.”

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

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  • Anonymous

    I hate golf! I might play when I’m too old for anything else. He has grown old gracefully

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