Paz Vega & Orson Salazar Introduce Baby Lenon

Paz Vega and her husband Orson Salazar introduce their newborn son, Lenon, on the cover of HOLA!

The 34-year-old mother of three young children – Orson, 3, Ava, 1, and Lenon, 4 weeks – says that all’s well in their busy household.

Children are precious energy and fill the house with joy. We love big families.”

The Spanglish star went on to describe her third birth. “This time it was a planned Caesarean section, because it is the third. As I got pregnant almost four months after giving birth to Ava, had a little risk, but everything was fabulous.”

Paz recalls her “immense joy” when Lenon was first born: “When I looked, my first thought was how nice it was and when I put in my arms I felt an immense joy.”

Thanks to CBS reader Marilyn!

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Photo credit: HOLA!

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