Teresa Giudice Credits Her Kids With Saving Her Marriage

Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Teresa Giudice is not only famous for her on-camera antics on the Bravo reality hit, but more recently, has come under fire for her family’s lavish spending and bankruptcy filing.

Teresa is now fighting back by giving her own story. She is on the cover of this week’s In Touch Weekly, crediting her four daughters, Gia, 9, Gabriella, 6, Milania, 5, and Audriana, 1 for getting her through her public money troubles and onslaught of rumors following the Housewives’ controversial reunion episode. She’s also had them start wearing hand-me-downs as a response to their new financial limits.

She says, “… They’re just amazing.They’re just so beautiful, and they make me happy. I live for being a mom.”

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Photo credit: In Touch Weekly

  • Andreea

    those kids are scaring me :-S

  • Anonymous

    :::sigh::: I feel bad for those kids for so many reasons.

  • Anonymous

    Gia is Teresa’s twin

  • Anonymous

    Can you tell me Y these women call themselves housewives when most of
    them are not even married….Please why are they celebrities..!!!!I would
    rather know about the flirting with Rebecca Hall and Ben Affleck..!!!
    Really though he was alone again naturally!!! at his hometown Boston
    Premiere…except for the cast photos…No Matt and Ben and No Jen Garner
    running through the fields… either..And now when people ask about his
    marriage and the kids he quickly says that “everything is fine..mumble”

  • Anonymous

    Oh her kids are beautiful. The oldest looks just like her dad!!

  • a

    O my! They are her double!!!!!! :O

  • Anonymous

    Very Scary!

  • Lisa P.

    I do NOT find her children to be cute at all. I am not trying to be mean, its just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      You are too kind. Those kids are HIDEOUS! Yeah, I said it!

  • Anonymous

    If she thinks those kids are beautiful she is a serious narcicist.

  • Peta

    They all have her eyes. Those are some pretty strong genes.

  • Kate

    those poor kids… growing up with a bitch of a mom AND they are butt ugly too… some people shouldn’t extend there genes and procreate!!!

    • Shannon

      I think everyone deserces an opinion but to comment so brutually about children is sick!

  • Alycia

    wow that picture is so scary!!

  • Anonymous

    Why does she have to have her children on the cover with her? Money hungry much? And yeah her children aren’t exactly the definition of cute either.

  • Sophia

    I’m not having a go, but those girls, even the baby, look like little adults. It’s actually kind of scary. Actually, the one at the back- Milania?- is pretty cute. She doesn’t look like the others. Teresa is horrifying as always.

  • Anonymous

    scary looking family!

  • HLBronson

    I feel like such a rotten person for thinking the same thing as the rest of you!

  • celia

    Gee… I have never seen the show and maybe they look different on T.V. but to me those girls look pretty cute. The mom, not so much.

  • Jeanine Campbell

    You are all so mean, I think her girls are all adorable and Theresa is beautiful I think you are all just JEALOUS!

  • Karen

    I think the kids are gorgeous. Regardless, the kids should be off limits to the haters. It’s not their choice to be on public display.

  • Anonymous

    eeek!!! The kids shouldn’t be put on public display – their parents should have enough good sense to keep them out of the spotlight!

  • Anonymous

    Beauty comes from within – and this family is rotten from the inside out. I think Child protective services needs to be alerted of this woman’s anger management problem. I feel sorry for those kids.

  • Ryan

    Sorry, but it hurts to look at *everyone* in this picture except the baby. She’d look OK if her mom took that RADAR DISH off her poor little head.

  • Anonymous

    OMG. These kids all have the same scary horse face and their hideous mother. PLEASE STOP HAVING CHILDREN, PLEASE!!! Your genes are not pretty!

  • mmc

    I don’t like teresa anymore because of her lies, her lack of self control, and her foul mouth (referring to the reunion show)…but people come on….leave the kids alone…how dare you call them names.Turn around and look in the mirror and see how gorgeous all you nasties are,..Shame on you!

  • April

    They are little kids! It’s not their fault what they look like or who their parents are. You all should be ashamed of yourselves talking about those babies like that

  • miss pittypatt

    The children look like troll dolls. I am not saying this to be mean. Just being honest. They also look as dull witted as their mother. I hope Teresa winds up in jail and those kids find nice foster famlies.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on everyone of you..These are innocent little angels and they are adorable and precious..God is watching! You all should be completely ashamed of yourselfs..Obviously there is a whole lot of jealousy going on to attach innocent children!! thats all I have to say….

  • Anonymous

    Very cute girls…Leave these cuties alone!!!

  • Kimberly

    What a beautiful photo of mother and daughters…JEALOUSLY WILL GET YOU NO WHERE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Man if you can’t look attractive on a magazine cover with professional make-up artists, hairdressers and photo shop what else is there to say…but that little baby (only that little baby) is cute as a button.

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  • Anonymous

    Plz leave Teresa n her children alone…She has enough problems already and shldn’t be put down as a mother because she may have a little temper…we all have it…who are we to judge…by the way the kids are cute and adorable…all u haters go look in the mirror and do a double take and then see if you shld be calling any1 names….Teresa best of luck in the future!!!<3 🙂

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