Amy Yasbeck Pens Memoir

It has been seven years since the tragic and untimely death of respected comedic actor John Ritter. Wife Amy Yasbeck, who was married to Ritter since 1999, has penned a memoir, With Love and Laughter, John Ritter, which she describes as, “a love letter to John and from John.”

The couple welcomed daughter Stella Dorothy in 1998, and Ritter, who was best known for his quirky character Jack Tripper on the 70’s classic Three’s Company, was also dad to three older children, Carly, Tyler, and Jason, from his first marriage.

In an interview with USA Today, Yasbeck opened up about life, seven years after Ritters’ passing.

On how she is coping: The sadness is always present, but there’s this completely rich relationship that is always there.

On the good that has stemmed from Ritters’ misdiagnosis: I’ve started the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health. The big focus is helping people get the correct diagnoses. Because we were lucky enough to get the information about the genetic prevalence of this, John’s brother Tom was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm and was saved just in time.

On daughter Stella being like her father: She absorbed the spirit of comedy and connectiveness of her dad, which is a joy every day.

For the compete interview with Amy Yasbeck, visit USA Today…

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