Danica McKellar’s “Cavewoman” Birth Experience

Mike Verta is a clearly a very proud and protective new papa: “I would not just take a bullet for my son; I’d be like Tony Montana at the end of Scarface, just soaking up entire assault rifle magazines’ worth of lead and begging for more,” he says.

He’s also extremely proud of his wife Danica McKellar for choosing a drug-free, natural birth.

“Ladies, I’m not saying you’re ‘less than’ if you walk into the delivery room and ask for an entire pharmacy of drugs and an epidural,” Mike writes on Facebook. “I’m just saying watching Danica go all cave-woman and do it without a single cc of help was pretty damn cool, that’s all :)”

The new mom, who had previously told Celebrity Baby Scoop of her hopes for a natural birth, followed up with a post of her own, describing childbirth as “the most incredible experience of my life.”

“For those of you who follow Mike Verta’s page, you’ve already heard of the ‘cavewoman’ experience from his point of view – I did indeed go fully natural with the birth – no augmentation, no epidural, nada! It was the most incredible experience of my LIFE, and it’s hard to describe the feeling of empowerment that has c…ome along with it. Easy? No. Worth it? YES.”

Mike and Danica welcomed their baby boy Draco on September 7.

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  • lady d

    Her husband sounds like a great guy. Congrats!

  • Jenny

    Good for you, Danica! I’m hoping for intervention-free next time around.

  • Anonymous

    um yeah.. well she must have a very very high pain threshold. I have given birth twice.. my first time I had epidural and second went drug free ( I did not choose to go drugfree).

    It was by far the worst thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to her!I also went drug free when I gave birth to my son and it was really painful..I was lucky it didn’t last long.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but his “ask for an entire pharmacy of drugs and an epidural” comment was very condescending to women who don’t go natural. Not liking this Verta guy.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! A celebrity who’s not had a celebrity, oops, sorry, caesarean section! At last! Even better that she did it drug-free. Well done, Danica! Hope more celebs follow in your footsteps! Caesarean sections are NOT a fashion statement!

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