LeAnn Rimes Called A Bad Parent By Brandi Glanville

The feud between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville is turning ugly. Eddie Cibrian’s ex isn’t happy after finding out her 7-year-old son Mason had to go to the emergency room over the weekend. As a result, she has called the singer a bad parent.

Rimes had Tweeted about the incident. “Flew home for 5 hrs to see Eddie & the lil one’s and ended up in the ER!” Rimes wrote. “Everybody’s fine, just a minor kiddo accident. Boys will be boys!”

In response Glanville spoke to E! News about their son’s injury. “All I know is I didn’t get a phone call,” she said. “Poor choice. Bad parenting.”

She added, “I don’t know how exactly it happened, but Mason told me LeAnn had oil on her hardwood floors and he fell.

“Eddie didn’t bother to call me and I showed up to Mason’s soccer game that day only to get a text from Eddie afterwards saying Mason wouldn’t be playing since he was in the ER all morning.”

She continued on to speak about her dissatisfaction.

“I’m disappointed in their decision. I’m the mother of these two boys and if we’re going to coparent, we have to do that together. It’s not call me after.”

Glanville went on to say there was another time when their 3-year-old son Jake had to get stitches after playing in LeAnn’s tour bus.

Meanwhile Rimes has been online defending herself.

“To be really honest, it’s not her place to tell me how to be,” Rimes wrote. “I respect her as their mom, but she has to understand they’re in my life. I can talk about my life just like she can take about her’s.

“Just so you know, she has never spoken to me. This IS my life too and they are in it 50% of the time…I’ve stepped into a very tough, but rewarding role…I treat those boys like they are my own because that’s how I love.”

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  1. kayla

    Leann and Eddie should be ashamed of themselves for not telling Brandi about the incident.

  2. Carrie

    She isn’t the parent he is, he should have called not her! Brandi needs to lash out at Eddie not Leann.

    • Dee

      She says it’s bad judgement from THEM! Not just Leanne…

      But if I had to read about my kid on twitter, not knowing what had happened… I would be mad as hell!

    • Anonymous

      Well Leann is the one always tweeting about BG kids and trying to get into the middle of EC and BG parenting those kids. Sounds like Leann keeps up trouble between EC and BG because she may be afraid that they will hook up just like the Star mag said. The problem is LEANN. Why can’t she let EC and BG parent THEIR kids?

  3. klutzy_girl

    Um, it’s not Leann’s responsibility to call Brandi. That job goes to Eddie.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, it is eddie’s responsibility to make sure that he tells the mother of his children if they are seriously injured while not in her care. But then, why doesn’t Leanne shut her face about stuff that really doesn’t have anything to do with her, like the communication between the boy’s two parents? And if she feels that she should be involved in the rearing of these kids and her voice and opinion should count in how they are being raised and how situations like this are being handled, then why didn’t she pick up the damn phone and let mom know what’s up?

    • Anonymous

      Right, so why is Leann even tweeting about those kids since she is not the parent of either of them. The point is Leann has been very inappropriate with those kids. She tweets about those kids because she thinks that they are hers and now that she is being called out for an incident that occured, all of a sudden WEWE doesn’t want to accept any responsibility?

    • Anonymous

      Oh please, Leann had time to tweet that she was in the ER, but she couldn’t even take it upon herself to tweet or text Brandi first. Leann had to let her “faithful fans” know that she is those kids mother, not Brandi.

  4. Cabos

    i agree. It’s clear the ex wife is still very hurt by the break up but the problem is that she’s putting all the blame on Leann and she’s now picking on her only. Leann is what it is, but Eddie was an ass as well. And yes, he’s the FATHER, so he should’ve been the one calling the mom, not Leann.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong. Leann gets the blame because she is to blame. It was Leann, not Eddie who took to twitter to tell complete strangers about a kid that doesn’t belong to her. No one is picking on Leann, it is Leann who has been tweeting about those kids to get back at Brandi. Since it is Leann who keeps calling those boys hers, why shouldn’t Leann have called Brandi? How many times have we seen Leann tweet that SHE is the one taking care of those kids ALL THE TIME. Leann gets blamed because she is responsible. If she stopped tweeting about those kids and interfering in Brandi and Eddie trying to parent THEIR kids, Leann would not have been in this mess. Leann thinks that those kids are hers and she delibrately left Brandi out. Just read Leann’s tweets where she actually thinks that she has a right to tweet about those kids simply because she fixes their dinner.

  5. lady d

    The fact that Leanne tweeted about it is probably what set Brandy off. I personally would have been pissed… Eddie isn’t going to make a better situation for the kids without proper communication with his ex. He should ask his GF to stop tweeting about the kids. period.

  6. lady d

    The fact that Leanne tweeted about it is probably what set Brandy off. I personally would have been pissed… Eddie isn’t going to make a better situation for the kids without proper communication with his ex. He should ask his GF to stop tweeting about the kids. period.

    • anonymous

      Curious, why should ex-wife be reading new GF twitter account? Sounds like she has too much time on her hands….
      Sorry your marriage broke up BUT JEEZS get a life…. The kid went to ER (was not admitted) NO big deal… I have boys and we have been there on numerous occasions. I am sure they would have called mother if it was serious and FYI… you cant use cell phones in hospital so unless they wanted to leave the kid alone and go out and call… it should have waited….
      and obviously court does not think they are bad parents because they have physical custody of the kids for at least 50% of the time….

      • lady d

        Listen..if something happen to my daughter that involved the E.R and skin glue my ex would have had a fit if I didn’t tell him. She went to the soccer game that morning thinking her kid was playing. Who wouldn’t be upset… As a divorced mother I have enough respect for my ex to give him a call..even I personally don’t think it is a big deal. Proper communication is vital when dealing with custody & children. They should have called to let Brandy know.. Why let her find out by going to the soccer game?? How did they think she was going to react finding out the day of the game?!

      • Anonymous

        Well if she could use twitter to announce it, they (at least the father!) could have called!!!

        Who says she is following her husbands (the divorce is still not through!) new girlfriend? She could have heard that from anyone! Maybe her friends called her to ask if the kid is okay, and she didn’t even know! You don’t know that…

        Just sayin’ it would have been nice if instead of sending the message to twitter to just let their mother know the kid was fine again but had a little accident! The least you can do!

      • Maggie

        @anonymous – If the new GF of my (ex)husband was using twitter about my kids all the time, I would follow her on twitter too!

      • Anonymous

        Well probably because Leann has on a number of occassions told complete strangers where they can find those kids. If Leann is tweeting about Brandi kids, why doesn’t Brandi have the right to read Leann’s twitter account. Leann has tweeted how she is in the same bed with those kids, how she got dressed in front of them, how she is kissing on them, and even told one fan where she would be able to find EC and his kids for the day. So it is Leann who is out of line. The court doesn’t always make good decisions. Paris H was caught with cocaine and the judge gave her probabtion. EC and LR are bad at parenting. EC pimps out the kids for a price and LR tweets about them to get back at BG. That is bad. And it is sad state that our court system feels that EC and LR are fit to be parent.

  7. Heart

    I agree, Eddie should have called, but since LeAnne wants to be seen as “Step-Mommy in Training” I think she should have given Brandi a heads-up. LeAnne stated that Brandi doesn’t talk to her, well…would you talk to the woman who stole your husband and helped break up your home??? I don’t think so LeAnne, so let’s stop trying to play the victim here. Obviously Brandi is still upset about this (and she has every right to be). If LeAnne felt threatened by talking to Brandi, she could have had an assistant call or something! But I would have made sure (based on the circumstances) that those boys mom would have known about there minor injury ASAP.

  8. Dee

    She says it’s bad judgement from THEM! Not just Leanne…

    But if I had to read about my kid on twitter, not knowing what had happened… I would be mad as hell!

  9. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t LeAnn call her herself (in general not just about this accident)? Just to talk and at least ensure this woman that eventhough she hurt her (by taking her man) she will do everything she can do to not hurt these kids?!

    Not very smart from LeAnn to tweet about something when you don’t inform the mother… You think one would learn after all that was written about her!

    • HLBronson

      Because that would require a little bit of class and maturity, which she clearly doesn’t have.

    • Heart

      I think that would be pushing it. I don’t think Brandi is ready to talk to her like that. I think IF the relationship between Eddie and LeAnne lasts, there might be a chance for them to communicate better. But as of right now, I don’t think she should call Brandi unless it’s involving the children’s well being. i.e. this scenario right here. Other than that, it’s probably too much tension right now for those two to try and be cordial. I wouldn’t force it.

  10. Anonymous

    i would be super peeved if you had time to twitter that, but not call! eddie is to blame,but leanne should stop running her mouth about what a good parent she is. a real parent would have called the mother!

  11. Anonymous

    LeeAnn is a homewrecking pig!

  12. Janna

    What a misleading headline! That’s not even what she wrote!!

  13. blair

    dont take it personally, im sorry if you’re flat chested too.

  14. Dee

    “Flew home for 5 hrs to see Eddie & the lil one’s and ended up in the ER!” Rimes wrote.

    She needs to take a remedial English lesson or two – it should be “ones” not “one’s”.

    Stay classy and smart, LeAnn!

  15. Grimes is a snake!

    2 accidents in this kid’s life while LEANN was there….uhmmm it sounds kinda suspicious. Leann is a spoiled self centered twit and she is loving that the mother didn’t know. KARMA is a biatch and I hope that LEANN gets her due soon. Not telling a mother that her kid is in the ER is UNFORGIVEABLE. I guarantee LEANN didn’t want to see her there and had EDDIE, AHOLE call her later. The mother should try and get something legal against LEANN so she couldn’t be around those kids.

  16. Anon1

    That squinty eyed she-man needs to know when to stop.

  17. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more!

  18. Anonymous

    Well Leann allows her fans to trash Brandi just because Brandi called Leann out for constantly tweeting about HER kids.

  19. Anonymous

    Love how some step moms love to step into a family and act like they are suddenly responsible and have the right to get indignant when anything negative is said about them by the birth mother.

    LeAnn–I used to be one of your biggest fans–No too big a fan of you now OR your crummy diction ie: “How do I live without ‘chew”…..”How do I breathe without ‘chew”…..Duh!

  20. Ondine

    How sad that these two adulters, who obviously have eyes for no one but themselves, care so little about the children and spouses they cannot leave behind who must adjust to the large wake that trails the two movie stars. This is a very bad situation and it appears that physical injuries are now following the emotional injuries inflicted by the selfish ones. I know it is a common thing these days but I feel so badly for the children who must get used to being around their father’s girlfriend and the pressure put on them to be loving and accepting, knowing that this divides their loyalty to their mother and the guilt this brings as their concept of family is shattered by their father’s choices. If only they had done what is best for the children. He obviously cares nothing for them, choosing adultery over providing a secure home for his children. These two can pretend all they want that they are a happy family but as all adulters finally discover, the actions of their past often ruin the path of their future.

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