James Van Der Beek Baby Shower – Pretty In Pink

Newlyweds James Van Der Beek and Kimberly Brook are celebrating the imminent arrival of their baby girl.

The happy couple wed in Israel last August in a quiet and private gathering. However, the baby shower was nothing short of a party! The guest list was a veritable lineup of A-listers, including Demi Moore, hunky hubby Ashton Kutcher, Rumer and Scout Willis, and Mary-Margaret Humes, who played James’ mom on Dawson’s Creek.

James spoke of the celebration – which was in the Hollywood Hills and had a pretty pink theme – telling In Touch, “It was great to be able to be with family and friends in such a beautiful, relaxed environment.”

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Photo credit: In Touch Weekly


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  1. zoe

    James really really has a big head let hope his daughter wont get his big head.

  2. loveliason65

    Who’s that guy in the picture with them? Cut little girl holding onto her dad’s leg.

  3. Anonymous

    Zoe, please take your negativity somewhere else. A baby is a beautiful thing regardless of how they look. But, I don’t think this one will be hurting in that department.

  4. Anonymous

    The headline for this article is hilarious. Isn’t a baby shower for the mother? On top of that, it sounds like James Van Der Beek is the one who is “pretty in pink.”

    loveliason: I think that guy is Balthazar Getty.

  5. Bridge

    I thought that was Balthazar Getty too! Haven’t heard from him since he broke up with Sienna Miller… Is he back with his wife again? Cute girl!

  6. Anonymous2

    I’m sorry, but clearly this guy is actually seeking out the publicity surrounding his new wife and unborn child. He isn’t working on a hit show or anything, his wife is not famous herself – would the press actively seek him out? I think not. (Not to mention the name dropping of Demi and Ashton when he can – funny given no photos of them.) No doubt we’ll see a baby-photo spread in InTouch Weekly as soon as the baby girl is born! Look, lots of celebs use their private lives for publicity, I get that, but with the amount of coverage seems off given his actual profile (he’d be, what, a C list celeb? at best), to me like he’s seriously pushing his wife and baby into the spotlight just to help stay relevant (he’s got no other publicity going), and I’m to say sorry… but its souring my image of him. I didn’t like him back in his DC days particularly, but had just started to warm to him before he started all this crap. Shame really.

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