DRIA: The Multifunctional Maternity & Nursing Cover

We can all relate to the multi-tasking duties of motherhood. So what mom wouldn’t want a product that also can multi-task? This mom certainly would. That’s why we’re glad we discovered the DRIA Cover which is not only multi-functional, providing versatility for moms-on-the-go, but it’s also fashionable. Creator Adria O’Donnell wanted a solution to feeling comfortable and stylish when it came to maternity wear. After being inspired by a beautiful Italian scarf she owned, she came up with the elegant DRIA Cover. It was the perfect cover-up while she was pregnant, and after giving birth to her daughter she realized that it was great as a nursing cover as well.

The DRIA Cover’s flexible material is not only chic but breathable and light weight. Its silky blend allows for the cover to veil the nursing infant while wholly covering the mom, creating discretion and comfort, unlike other nursing covers or aprons. DRIA Cover fabrics range from casual chic to limited edition designer fabrics such as Roberto Cavalli or Missoni. The luxurious swathe is wrinkle and button free, so women can just toss it in the diaper bag and throw it on whenever they need.

Not only is the DRIA cover great for nursing moms but it also acts as a shield from the sun and unfavorable weather while covering strollers and infant car seats. The handle on the car seat and stroller can be accessed through the neck hole, while still allowing women to peek in at their sleeping baby.

DRIA Covers start at $49.95 and are available online.

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    This is great, thanks! We actually sent a few (Casablanca, Marseilles and Oslo) to Kourtney Kardashian. 🙂

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