Guess Who Revealed: Lady Gaga!

It’s when Gaga was a little lady!

Lady Gaga – born to the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – is shown above in her First Communion outfit.

The 24-year-old pop superstar, born to an Italian American family, was raised in a private Roman Catholic school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Maybe she’ll break out this Catholic school girl outfit for one of her next performances?

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Sophie Smith

    Even I know it’s Lady Gaga, this is a bad one you guys.

  2. Margaret

    I saw that photo on a december 09 magazine, so I´m 100% sure she is Lady GaGa

  3. Krissi

    It’s definitely Lady GaGa. There’s no doubt!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, back when she was authentic and not a fabrication.

  5. Sophia

    Tooootally Lady Gaga. Or Stefani Germany or whatever haha

  6. sarvenaz

    lady gaga im sure about this guys!

  7. Anon1

    OK, I guessed this without even trying,wow, I should quit celeb sites!

  8. Anonymous

    If it is Lady Gaga, what business does she have being on Celebrity Baby Scoop? Is she pregnant or something? The same goes for if it happens to be Kim Kardashian like someone else mentioned.

  9. antigoniem

    Gaga. How the hell would you come up with Christina Aguilera?!?!?! She had pin straight blonde hair as a child.

  10. Cabos

    With so much plastic surgery these ladies go through, it’s kinda hard to figure out who they are with childhood pics.

  11. Jean

    Christina has a part of lady gaga

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