Kelly Preston “Completely Ready” For Baby

Expectant mom Kelly Preston, who is due to deliver a baby boy late this fall, has revealed that she and husband John Travolta are “completely ready” to meet their baby.

In an interview with People, Preston said,

John and I are completely ready. My daughter [Ella Bleu, 10] is very excited too. I can’t wait for the day to come.”

The actress, who is seen above at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting the film Casino Jack, said of her pregnancy, “It’s been very easy and so wonderful. I’ve had no morning sickness and [the pregnancy] has gone by so quickly. I feel terrific.”

Preston and Travolta, who tragically losing their 16-year-old son Jett nearly two years ago, have said of the pregnancy, “This is a miracle, and we feel blessed.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Oh my she is huge !!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Ted Casablanca on this one…… there is a surrogate carrying that kid. That is a fake pregnancy suit and wayyyyyyyyy overdone. Her arms and face haven’t gained one ounce. Very suspicious to me…….

    She’s almost 50 years old and breezing through her pregnancy?

  • lady d

    Get over yourself. F.Y.I…contrary to popular belief it is possible to have a normal pregnancy at 47. My mom had twins & was perfectly fine. Not ALL women turn in to Porky the Pig while pregnant.. I was back to a size 3 10mins after my second daughter was born…I was ALL belly. Unless you are her gynecologist you need to chill & just be happy for a new life coming into the world.

  • Anonymous

    She has more boob than belly…

  • Anonymous

    Why must some people TRY to take the joy out of such a wonderful occasion? Who cares where she has or hasn’t gained weight? Get over it and TRY to be happy for someone, apparently you’re not happy in your own life.

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