Kim Kardashian Is Not In A Hurry To Be A Mom

You might think that seeing older sister Kourtney Kardashian with son Mason, 9-months, would send Kim Kardashian‘s biological clock into overdrive, but according to Us it’s quite the opposite.

“I think it’s actually slowed it down,” she says. “It is so much work, and I really respect Kourtney for being able to work so much and still be such a hands-on mom.”

Seeing what her older sister deals with as a parent “has made me realize I can wait a little bit longer,” adds Kim. “I’m not ready, and I’m still in this self phase right now.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    It is an absolute TRAVESTY what this once-gorgeous girl is doing to her face.

    • Alycia

      I totally agree

  • Anonymous

    You beautiful little vixon you.

  • Anonymous

    Why do we constantly get articles on here about celebrities who don’t want to be moms or who will one day want to be moms but aren’t anywhere near making the leap? Are they that hard up for new articles? Just put the actual mommies and kids on and stop focusing on these ditzy losers who have nothing to offer. Geez.

    • Anonymous

      ditzy losers who have nothing to offer. Geez.

      there must be sth wrong with you
      and, normally (rarely seen on the internet) there’s no offensive comments here, so get your frustration somewhere else

  • cgoofies

    You need love to be good parents, I would be ready too, but I come from a pretty bad past. And I would know when the time is right. And with the right person. I don’t date, but I am ready to do something good for me and my family too. I am pretty single, but I don’t think I am a loner. That is why my family tree research is important to me as a first step, and to show someone where I come from. Family is the most important thing to me, I am sad some that other things have prohibited me from meeting the challenge to be a Dad, becasue I love children, and a loving wife to share my life with me. You see, I understand how life changes things. Kim, I see you out doing things and let your talents and beauty guide your heart to the right decisions. Please understand me, I hope the best for you, and if you ever want to talk to me I will be happy to.

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