New Mom Christy Pereira: “Sleep Is A Precious Thing”

Growing up in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Christy Pereira never thought she’d be managing a successful salon while juggling a reality TV career. Christy and her mother have transformed the family salon into a sophisticated, modern beauty boutique that has gotten national recognition in the Style Network’s hit reality show, Jerseylicious. Christy and her husband Danny recently welcomed their first child, Daniella. The new mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her busy career, her transition into motherhood and what to expect this season on Jerseylicious.

CBS: Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter Daniella! How is she doing? What kind of baby is she? Are you getting any sleep?

CP: “Thank you, she’s doing great! For the most part she’s been really good, only waking up once in the middle of the night, so I get to sleep from 11-3 and 4-6. Sleep is a precious thing when you’re a new mom, so I know that I’m really lucky!”

CBS: You’re already working on season 2 of Jerseylicious. Were you able to take a maternity leave at all?

CP: “I started filming the season again two weeks after I had Daniella, so I was able to rest for a little while which was nice. Now, I’m back to filming part-time again. I am taking some time off from Gatsby Salon.”

CBS: How are you managing new motherhood and your career? Do you have a nanny?

CP: “Well it’s been a little hectic but so far I’m handling it well. I’m not back to working at Gatsby Salon just yet so I have plenty of time to spend with Daniella and my husband Danny. Right now pretty much everything that I’ve been filming for Jerseylicious has been me home on maternity leave from the salon so she has been with me while I film. I don’t have a nanny, so far we’ve been able to handle everything on our own- plus we have great family and friends who are more than happy to watch her if we need them to!”

CBS: Will baby Daniella be included in this season’s shows? Are you concerned about her being raised around the cameras?

CP: “Yes she will make her Jerseylicious debut this season! I’m not really concerned about her being around the cameras just yet because she is so small, she really doesn’t know what’s going on. As she gets older we may want to change her role in front of the camera, but right now we’re just taking it day by day.”

CBS: What can we expect this season on Jerseylicious?

CP: “Well you can expect me being pregnant and of course the birth of Daniella. You’ll see a lot more of the Tracy and Olivia drama and even some issues between The Glam Fairy and Gatsby Salon. Anthony’s salon is finished with renovations so he needs to decide whether he wants to stay at Gatsby or go back. You’ll also get to see more of my husband Danny.”

CBS: For our readers who haven’t seen the show yet, does Jerseylicious aim to perpetuate or shatter myths about New Jersey?

CP: “I think that it shatters some of the myths about New Jersey. Sometimes I feel that people from New Jersey are unfairly stereotyped, but this show really isn’t about New Jersey per say, it’s really about a group of people trying to make it in a competitive working environment.

It’s more about hair and the salon business than it is about fist pumping. Though there are parts that show the cast letting loose and going to clubs, it’s really more of a focus on the daily salon life and what we do in order to improve business.

Gatsby Salon tries to stay away from the drama, but, when you put together a talented group with big personalities, sometimes clashing happens and Gatsby becomes the battleground.”

CBS:Are you hoping to have more children in the future? If so, when do you think you’ll try?

CP: “We definitely want to have more children but we really haven’t even thought about when we would try again. Right now we are trying to enjoy our newest addition and adjust to the new wonderful life that we have with her.”

CBS: Are you working with any charities?

CP: “At the Gatsby Salon Jerseylicious premiere viewing party, we took door donations to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. We have also gotten involved with Locks of Love for special events in our salon, which were so much fun! We would love to continue to develop relationships with local charities and definitely plan to continue to do so as time goes on.”

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Photo credit: Christy Pereira for exclusive use on CBS

  • Cathy

    Pretty room!

  • Anonymous

    i love her and the show
    very pretty(better then the Alexa photo shoot!

  • Anonymous

    yawn, seriously

  • Anonymous

    The show is stomping out Jersey sterotypes…not really when the title of your show is Jerseylicious. And the “actors” always comment about what’s found in Jersey. Sad show. The girls are all tanned and all there care about is looks. Really sad.

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