Willow Smith Debuts First Single: ‘Whip My Hair’

Whip it, girl!

Willow Smith, the adorable 9 1/2-year-old daughter of A-list couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, debuts her first single, Whip My Hair. Using many of the paparazzi pics seen right here on Celebrity Baby Scoop, Willow shows off her many funky hairdos in the above video.

The talented girl has signed on with Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. The rap mogul said of the preteen singing sensation, “We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow. She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious. It’s rare to find an artist with such innate talent and creativity at such a young age. Willow is about to embark on an incredible journey and we look forward to joining her as she grows in all aspects of her career.”

Click above to see the video and hear Willow’s catchy tune. What do you think of Whip My Hair?

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  1. Madeline

    I think the lyrics are inappropriate for a nine year old to sing. Tell me what nine year old have “hater.”

  2. Anonymous

    she is not adorable looks like a dummy with the hair like that…..

  3. Anonymous

    I think that the Smith’s children are full of themselves! and I’m guessing…their parents are too!

  4. Madeline

    Out of all the celebrity children I think willow and jaden are the most self centered ones. All the picture I seen of willow and jaden they seem so conceited.

  5. Elle

    I totally agree with you Madeline.

  6. Anonymous

    I really like the song but I agree some of the lyrics seem a bit much for a 9 y/o that and I think she looks a little too mature for her age in some of those pics.

  7. Anonymous

    Absolutely horrible! Her parents (and Jay-Z) should be ashamed of themselves. How much digital audio altering went into that. I totally hear the autotune on every line!

  8. abby

    i love how all these adults on here keep accusing the smith children of being pompous and conceited. it’s funny because when jaden was asked what wisdom his mom imparted on him regarding his movie role in karate kid, he answered that she tought him to be humble.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s just too funny listening to an “all my ladies” line from a 9 year old.

  10. Tiffany

    HATERS!!!!! I would love to join the parade…..LOL! I love the song, love her creativity and her family. You idiots on her…yes I said idiots judging a child off off 1 or 2 interviews. Yes her might look a little ridiculous in some and cute in others. She’s just an exception, a black child that comes from a privileged family who encourages her in what she wants to do. BIG UPS Smith fam…especially Ms. Willow:)

  11. Tiffany

    OH…and why can’t she say “all my ladies”…is she not a young lady speaking to other young ladies. I mean really..LOL!

  12. loveliason65

    I lie the song…catchy.

  13. Dana

    I think the Smith family talks about being humble and talks about being grounded but they need to work on their children on how to project that. Any interview I have seen of them (especially Jayden) he comes across as very arrogant. He seems to have a dry demeanor about him and often times that comes across as rude. 9 and 11 year old should not be “posers” at events. Stand there and smile and wipe that smug look off your face!

  14. Alicia

    Obviously a 9 year old can have haters….. all the people on here with negative comments are her haters…. if you dont like it dont listen there are plenty of other things to look at on this site. I guess people get jealous when others are given these opportunities at a young age. The song is very good. These kids aren’t arrogant they are confident. That is how they have been raised, for that family to be as wealthy as they are the children are very grounded. I think they are amazingly talented children and I say go for it…. smh at all of the older people “hating” on kids let them do their thing.

  15. AnnieMouse

    While I like the song, and would sing along if it came on the radio (until someone pulled up beside me…then I’d change the station…), I’m not sure I think it’s 100% age appropriate…I think I’m old school though and think 9 year old girls should still be wanting to play with dolls and ride their bikes. Since when do music video and photo shoots just become a day in the life of…? Makes me sad…lets just let our kids be kids!

  16. Anonymous

    I mean no disrespect to her but I really wish she would go away and be a regular 9 year old kid. There is something that is just so contrived about her “edgy” appearance and now her “music” career!

  17. Anonymous

    She is a young child and therefore its up to the parents to guide her. Each parent guides in their own way. Yes, I honestly think that the only reason she is given a record deal is because she is the child of celebrity parents who have the money and the means to advertise their child. I cannot tell if that is her natural voice or if its been touched up. If its her real voice, she has talent, but her song has no point, and no positive value that she could contribute to her future fans. I would not allow my children to listen to music like that, let alone sing lyrics and produce videos like that. But, as I mentioned earlier, each parents has different methods of parenting.

  18. celia

    I think those children are very beautiful and confident but that music sounds VERY manufactured!!

  19. Jolene

    That song made my ears bleed. Completely inappropriate lyrics for a young child too.

  20. Jan

    Another case of too much, too soon. She’ll be another washed up star by the time she’s 18 and we’ll be sick of looking at her and hearing from her. Heck I’m already sick of the whole Smith family.

  21. Anonymous

    I think she has Rihanna’s voice, so it’s a compliment !! 🙂
    Ok it may be weird for a 9 years old girl to sing lyrocs like that but honestly she got talent ! I’m nicely surprised 🙂

  22. Louise

    I think it’s a tiny copy of Rihanna. But I think the music is stealing Willow’s youth. And mommy and daddy are accepting this. This is irresponsible. She’s only nine…

  23. melo1983

    They asked what you felt about the song. Not how you think Will and Jada are as parents, not how stupid you think Willow is, not how the girl’s hair looks. I think it’s a very catchy tune and great work by a 9 year old artist.

  24. Alycia

    This is such a catchy song!

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