Eva Longoria Hopes For Large Family

Desperate Housewives’ actress Eva Longoria Parker has been open in the past about her desire for children – insisting however, that though she is looking forward to being a mother, she is in no rush to make it happen.

Years later, Longoria Parker – who married NBA player Tony Parker three years ago – is keeping consistent with her past sentiments, saying,

Having a big family is really important to both of us. I feel more confident in myself now, and Tony and I would love for children to happen – though we’re in no rush.”

The actress, who will hit the small screen in the DH season premiere this month, has been keeping busy advocating for the rights of young farmers, reportedly saying, “Every time you eat a salad, every time you eat a vegetable, you have to think that this might have been picked by a child. The children who feed the most well-fed nation in the world go to bed hungry.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Courtney

    what Eva doesn’t realize it can be dangerous to start at her age and losses are more likely. good luck to her and Tony if they ever do have kids

  • Tazina

    She sounds like Jennifer Aniston, always talking about having kids and then nothing happens. Eva was 35 in March. If you don’t want them or can’t have them just say so instead of talking about having all these non-existent babies.

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to think that maybe they are having trouble conceiving….

  • Lola

    I totally agree, she is out of time… now, or never. I guess never…

  • Helen

    She is already 35. If she is thinking about having 5 or 6 kids, that might be a problem. If you at that age, you gotta lower your expectations a bit and assume you won’t be able to have kids after 40 (even if it turns out you can). So you think ok I’ve got 5 years left, that’s about 2 kids, if she doesn’t have trouble conceiving that is. If she does, she’ll be lucky to have 1 biological baby. There’s also always adoption if she really wants a big family.

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