Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte Prinze!

Name: Charlotte Grace Prinze

Date of Birth: September 19, 2009

Parents: Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Siblings: None


  • Mom Sarah went into labour while she was at the gym & gave birth to Charlotte one week before her due date
  • “Charlotte Grace” was voted our favourite baby name of 2009

“Every day I look at her and I am in awe.” – Sarah, on being a new mom.

“I’m so happy we didn’t have kids in our 20s, I just didn’t know a thing. You have so much more patience in your 30s, and I feel like I appreciate this so much more.” – Freddie, on waiting to have children.

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  • Alexa

    Happy First Birthday Sweet Charlotte.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday sweetie!! She’s sooo cute!! I can’t believe she turns one today!! It seems like yesterday that her mom was heavily pregnant!!

  • carolyn

    wow, she’s 1 already! happy birthday!

  • sarahwillow

    Baby Charlotte Grace Prinze celebrates her first birthday today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most luckiest girl !!!

  • Sazzy

    Happy 1st birthday angel! x

  • Courtney

    happy birthday little sweetheart and I too can believe it’s already been a year. nor that Sarah Michelle was due September 26th 09 as that was the one year anniversary of Paul Newman’s passing and also falls the day before his fourth daughter Melissa’s birthday which is the 27th

  • Anonymous

    She’s SO beautiful! Happy Birthday Charlotte!

  • klutzy_girl

    I can’t believe Charlotte’s a year old! Seems like just yesterday Sarah’s pregnancy was announced.

    Happy birthday to her!

  • Anonymous

    She looks so much like a boy though.

  • Anonymous

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO CHARLOTTE PRINZE! Hard to believe she´s already one year old little girl. Seems like yesterday when Sarah Michelle announced her pregnancy. This little girl is a perfect mix of both her mum Sarah Michelle and dad Freddie Prinze Jr. She will be a beauty when she grows up. So watch out the JP girls, Suri Cruise etc. Here comes Charlotte Grace Prinze!

  • Carrie

    So sweet! I’m so happy for them. I love the Prinze-Gellars!

  • Carolina

    Happy Birthday to Charlotte Grace!!! May god bless her and keep her safe and healthy. xoxo

  • Carolina

    Happy Birthday Charlotte Grace!!! May god bless her and keep her safe and healthy, xoxo

  • Carolina

    Happy Birthday Charlotte!!! May god bless her and keep her safe and healthy, xoxo

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