Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn’s Calabasas Cuties

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn each toted a twin as they headed for a family brunch in their Calabasas, California neighborhood this morning (September 19). While a sleepy-looking Dolly cuddled her dad, Charlie and her model mama looked sweet in matching stripes.

This is the second sighting of the happy foursome this weekend – on a separate outing the adorable sisters took turns swinging with their parents.

Rebecca recently revealed that the girls, who will be celebrating their second birthdays in December, have hit the so-called “Terrible Twos” a bit early:

The horrific, horrible terrible twos have already begun! If they don’t wanna go, they’ll just drop and wait, both of them! It’s like a sit-in protest. They’re like, ‘Nope, we’re doing a sit-in.’ It’s so annoying!”

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Photo credit: LUCK/GSI Media, Pacific Coast News

  • Haylie

    these girls are always so cute! i think this is the first time that i see jerry holding dolly and rebecca holding charlie… unimportant i know 😉
    sweet family

  • Elle

    I still can’t figure out who looks like who. Sometime I think Dolly looks more like her dad but then I think Charlie looks more like him. They are both adorable. Such a cute family.

  • nicoleC

    they’re so adorable
    like a doll !!

  • Sweet

    Beautiful tow baby

  • Heart

    Beautiful dolly and charlie

  • Anonymous

    so darn cute cute cute. in particular i would snatch that little cupcake dolly in a second (keep a tight hold jerry craaaaaaazy woman on the loose here)

    also enjoy the parents “you gotta laugh or you would cry” attitude. from personal experience it is pretty much the only option when dealing with toddler twins.

  • Jassy

    They are so cute i think they gorwing to be like shiloh !!

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely love seeing pics of these twins! The interviews that Jerry gives about raising them are just hilarious! Just 100% adorable!!!

  • Kelli

    Love this family! These little O’Connell girls are always sooooo cute! They just seem like a very cool, down-to-Earth and NORMAL family!

    Plus I love Jerry O’Connell! So funny!

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